Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I'm at work. I got here late. Ellen said that she expected me to not even come in today, after everything last night.

I'm pretty much exhausted, but fairly proud of myself.

The Literacy Fair went well. The kids started to be pretty wild at the end. I wish I had had more volunteers to calm them down with. The people who DID show up were awesome though. The centers were much loved, especially my shaving cream center-- which, while not being quite so educable, was fun for the children. Lots of people made journals and bookmarks. We didn't really get a chance to do the SMART moves like we had intended (and that I spent a LOT of time on) but it was okay.

Deborah made a great clown. She got the same questions I got last time I was a clown for an event like this: "Are you a real clown or are you a fake clown?" I'm sorry, what's the difference? Are clowns a species, like dogs? I also mentioned to one kid that the clown was my sister. He looked shocked and asked me..."Was she born that way?" I said yes and moved on.

Families ate together (which is probably a fairly rare thing) so that was also a success. And of course, we had a fairly large attendance (69 people signed in, but more than that were there, since many people didn't sign in their children). Everyone went home with a book (which is absolutely wonderful), and we gave out a ton of door prizes, including gift certificates, walkie talkies, and stuffed animals.

I also had the LVLC set up a table, Adult Ed set up a table, and.... as I was leaving the library yesterday, I ran into a man who asked me "Are you a registered voter? Will you sign this?" It was about putting more money to stop children from smoking, so of course I did, and we got into a conversation about registering to vote-- and I asked him if he just plan registered people, and would come to my fair that night, and he said he would! So he was there, registering voters. Yay :)

I let Ellen know that I wasn't really ready to organize something of this magnitude again any time soon
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