Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

this is a new one--- BETTER

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1) Is duasoul related to theromansgohome? Nope, they've never met
2) Thoughts on coldtoast? Wish I knew her better in person, but great LJ friend
3) Does _toesinthesand have a dog? hah! Her roommate does. A very loud one
4) Would subjectivity and acrisgallina make a good couple? not so much.
5) What is subjectivity's favorite band/artist? She used to like Ben Folds a lot. Maybe now Magnetic Fields?
6) Would you wrestle rberrien28 in jello? I don't think his girlfriend would like it.
7) How many monkeys could duasoul fight at once and win against? Atleast 36. Maybe more.
8) Have you ever dated jmcptbackfire? nope
9) Is jmcptbackfire a nerd? DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT
10) Is subjectivity dead sexy? yes, because she looks so much like me
11) Is wallys2002 related to you? nope
12) lizblizz's eye color? brown
13) What animal does ziemkowski remind you of? a tall one.
14) Does shaynester have a big secret? I'm sure she doesn't want everyone to know that SHES IN LOVE WITH JONATHAN!
15) What would unschtroumpf give fraek for his/her birthday? Uhmmm.. nothing. Don't know eachother
16) Which of your friends should wildmandan go out with? he's already dating someone
17) What exotic animal would subjectivity like as a pet? Perhaps a mongoose.
18) What is duasoul's biggest flaw? Haven't seen any flaws yet. Maybe I'll find out when he fights the monkeys
19) How long would fiuscoop dating jeremy2you last? Jeremy's straight as far as I know.. so not long at all
20) If jeremy2you and wallys2002 were siamese twins, where would they be joined? that's a stupid question
21) When did you last call seanjn02? Called a few nights ago, but e-mailed her an hour ago or so
22) What video game does schnamara remind you of? she doesn't
23) Are fraek and wildmandan going out? no-- though they might know eachother
24) Where would duasoul most like to visit? .. the altar, with kungfujones ;)
25) What color should jmcptbackfire dye their hair? keep it with the orange and blue
26) Is acrisgallina introverted or extroverted? actually kind of an extrovert
27) Is mastergode a college student? was one, will be one again
28) Does aharonshual go to your school? we used to go to UF together
29) Do you think jeremy2you is hot? hell yeah :)
30) Is nevjacy in a relationship? yup
31) Does jmcptbackfire know rexnihil? nope
32) Do you have ljbuddy's screenname? yup
33) Is aoibhinn a high school student? nope -- grad student
34) How long have you known gegenschein? We met in early July of 2003. So a little over 2 years
35) If ziemkowski commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? little cameras with legs
36) What is bicentennialman's favorite movie? probably something like.. saving private ryan
37) Does rberrien28 drink? nope
38) One quality you find attractive in fiuscoop? dude, EVERYTHING about him is attractive.
39) How tall is fraek? short. Maybe 5'2
40) What flavor of jello would gegenschein be?
41) Would g8rbabe06 be a better ninja or pirate? NINJA!
42) What planet should wallys2002 be from? Mars
43) Are shoshana88 and nikita9041 married? no.. but shoshana88's sister is engaged, and so is nikita9041
44) What is metahoss's favorite food? I bet he'll eat just about anything
45) If kungfujones had a superpower, what would it be? keeping kids from going to the bathroom in their pants
46) Is anditut 1337? oh gosh. She better not have gone to the dark side
47) Is acrisgallina an emo? no
48) Does nikita9041 smoke? yes, even though I have tried to get her to stop COUNTLESS times
49) Is duasoul your best friend? nope
50) What word best describes hoover_vac? misunderstood
51) Has aoibhinn been to your house/dorm? nope. I *think* we only met once, and it was on mutual turf-- we dated roomies.
52) Do you have a crush on masterwolf? I'm not going to answer that
53) Would you ever date bicentennialman? I would have, yes
54) Did metahoss break up with you? no. And he best not break up with my sister either
55) Would bicentennialman and _toesinthesand look good together? They would be a cute couple, and theuy would probably even get along
56) What mental disorder does megaman182 remind you of? schizo!
57) What is g8rbabe06's favorite color? blue
58) If kungfujones took over the world, who would suffer? REPUBLICANS
59) Could you see quicksilverfox and schnamara together? no
60) What comic book character would ziemkowski be? The "Flash" -- get it ;)?
61) What rank would newscane have in a giant robot army? he'd be the one programming it all
62) What is fiuscoop's favorite game? dont-choose-where-to-go-for-lunch-till-the-last-minute
63) Does seanjn02 travel a lot? not really
64) What languages does teenonfire4lord speak? English
65) What would you do if masterwolf died? I would be extremely upset, but I'd still take his wallet.
66) If metahoss was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? me!
67) What would you do if you found out hoover_vac has a crush on you? not going to think about it
68) Where was amberstar07 born? Tallahassee, I think
69) If mostasa151 and negativeneve were spliced together, what would be its name? Macy! hahaha.
70) What animal should nikita9041 be combined with? not so much an animal than a twizzler
71) How would ljbuddy conquer the world? He'd slip in sly ideas when doing business consulting
72) Would you set up acrisgallina and danimalc? oooh. Maybe. If they lived inthe same town
73) What is gegenschein's shoe size? I guess 7.
74) If theromansgohome took over the world, who would be happy? NORML
75) What is teenonfire4lord allergic to? maybe animal stuff, but I don't think so
76) Is newscane single? yup
77) Is negativeneve popular? I don't think "popular" exists in college
78) Where did you first meet gegenschein? At her then-boyfriend now-husband's place of work, CBS
79) Have you flirted with wildmandan? sure
80) What would megaman182 think of fraek? I think they'd get along really well
81) What song/movie would you recommend to literfairy? Waking Life
82) ziemkowski's hair color? dark brown
83) Which president would seanjn02 be likely to idolize? none of them
84) What would wildmandan do differently in your shoes? He'd probably think before he did a lot of different things that I don't tend to think about
85) Does katiethewriter do drugs? nope
86) Is gegenschein athletic? somewhat
87) What do you agree with literfairy about? bad grammar
88) How would ljbuddy kill reamens? alcohol poisoning
89) Do aoibhinn and quicksilverfox go to the same school? nope
90) If schnamara and negativeneve were spliced together, what would it be like? they each might get normal sized boobs
91) One thing you can't stand about unknown575? he hurt my friend :(
92) Would bicentennialman go out with radiobelly? nope.
93) Where was fiuscoop born? I think Miami
94) If aharonshual were hanging off a cliff, what would jmcptbackfire do? laugh maniacally
95) Would you make out with danimalc? I probably won't ever see him again :(
96) Is anditut friends with literfairy? acquaintences
97) Does literfairy have a crush on danimalc? They both like classical mythology,
98) Are rexnihil and reamens going steady? AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHA
99) What do you disagree with mostasa151 about? the greek system
100) Has theromansgohome dyed their hair? I dunno
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