Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Theresa left around 6:05. She decided that the students that were coming at 6 were just not going to show up. So, I'm here with them. They showed up a few minutes later. This is a fairly small branch of the library. I'm certain Theresa (who had Zach with her of course) had to have seen them. That's okay, though. They are working on their homework and I am STAR testing them (an assessment of where they are, grade-level wise, so we can print more stupid worksheets at their "grade level"). I'm actually done here at 7, so I can go home and eat dinner before I have to go to secret place that one person isn't allowed to know at 9. Thank freaking goodness.

Today I got a ton of stuff done. Many faxes sent out asking for in-kind donations, and many many things for certain now. Italian Pie is donating a a gift certificate, TCBY is donating a certificate for a free pie. Papa Johns is donating 25 pizzas for the actual event, Olive Garden is almost definitely donating salad, and I have yet to hear back from several places still. I hope for books from Scholastic, paper and silverware from one grocery store, and fruit for a fruit salad we are making from another grocery store. And of course I've got school supplies I'd like to give out to everyone, but we'll see if we have enough.

Ellen and I finally collaborated and finished the PSA that's going out. Everyone loves the work I've been doing on this. It feels great that they are so impressed with me and all I've done, but I'm secretly terrified that I haven't planned enough, or that everything won't be ready on time, or that something will go horribly wrong. I'll be thankful when it's all over.
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