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~New icons that you can check out here

~My new default... every time I look at it I go "awww." You guys know what a Carrie/Big shipper I am. Not only because of my own experiences. I just really love Mr. Big. He's so...(I can't believe I am about to say this) ...dreamy . Plus, they both definitely have their faults.. but they work so well together. Glad Big finally sucked it up in the end (though, like Ross and Rachel a la FRIENDS, not so sure that the couple would stay together after the final episode). Anyway, so yes, Melissa is in love with Mr. Big. Sucks that he's fictional.


Life stinks at the Perry branch. Oh, but I forgot to mention before.. I HAVE THE KEY TO THE LIBRARY. Literally. The key that opens the main library doors. And the family learning center. And the tutor rooms. And the storage closet. HECK. YEAH. Of course, Theresa needs me to have one, because she's incredibly irresponsible and hardly ever here. Of course she needs someone to have the key. Just glad that someone is me!

Also, Marion gave me the key that opens the LVLC office in the main branch. It's not the LIBRARY key, just the office. Still, yay for responsibility. And late night parties where we get all the crack and pot and LSD and stuff over the books. (What IS LSD?)

Thanks for everyone's advice on the moving out. I'm going to try for the room thing, or see if one of my friends has an extra room they want to rent out, or something. If none of those pan out, I'll "grit my teeth" and talk to my parents about having a little more freedom. It's not going to happen, but it'd be nice for them to reassess their 20 year old daughter and realize she isn't sixteen anymore.

I'm stuck here with a 3rd grader taking computer tests and a 17 year old (the same one Theresa flirts with constantly). Theresa herself left to go go the main branch.

OH! When we were talking yesterday afternoon, she told me that the reason she wasn't here when I got here was because she was at the main branch. Hmmm. NO ONE SAW HER. So this morning I picked up the stuff that she was SUPPOSED to pick up yesterday. Very piscey.
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