Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

~I told my dad about the water tasting funny. We figured out what the problem was. Apparently some beer fell into the ice at the barbeque on Sunday. Does beer taste like soap? Maybe it was just nasty and bubbly so I assumed.

~I stayed up super late on the phone last night. Did not help get me better sick-wise. Very nice, otherwise :)

~With tennis and other athleticism recently, I've been taking twice as many showers. I take a shower before I go to sleep, because I want to be clean, and keep my sheets clean.. and then I still take a shower in the morning, because obviously, I can't generally do my hair when it's dry. Though, this morning, I feel clean, and thinkin bout straightening for the day. Maybe it'll lift my spirits.

~I need a running buddy that I don't like. Someone I won't have the urge to talk to, who will let me hate them for dragging me out on days I don't want to go. I guess I need to make a non-friend.

~I had a weird dream last night. I thought I had gotten my paycheck from Americorps in the mail, realized that I have direct deposit, so it wouldn't have been that, opened my mail, and it was like.. badges to put on my uniform. Yeah, uh, I don't have a uniform. I think I did in my dream, though. The badges reminded me that I had to get my other badges that they had previously sent to me so I could sew them all on.

~Office Depot called! My business cards are ready! I'll pick them up tomorrow morning. I'm excited!
Tags: dreams, health

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