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First things first.

parties_only's birthday is tomorrow. Anyone got plans?

Second, it was only a few days ago that I told someone I had never had my mouth rinsed out with soap. And now, it's not true, or atleast only "kind of" true.

I got a glass from the dishwasher, and filled it with ice and water from the refrigerator. Took a sip. It tasted disgusting, so I spit it back into the cup. Deborah didn't see me spit it back into the cup, but still wouldn't take a sip when I asked her to (smart girl). So, I rinsed out the cup thoroughly, thinking there had been soap still on the cup from the dishwasher, and filled it again with ice and water. Now, sometimes water bubbles a teeny bit when you pour it into something, but this was ridiculous. Bubbles all over. I figured at this point it had to be our "filtered" water; Apparently now they like to filter it through soap? Gross gross gross


Went running. A whole mile. Yes, that's sarcasm. I feel so weak lately. Not only sore, but just generally weak. I hope I'm okay :(
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