Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

What are the chances that I'd find both free time AND a computer?

I'm in the business center in the lobby of the hotel. I just had breakfast. I needn't have woken up so early. If I had waited fifteen more minutes, I would have eaten with the girls I ate with last night -- two literacy people going to be working in Kentucky. Instead, I ate with a girl who was at my table yesterday (during our assembly thing) and her friend. Neither of them were very talkative, so neither was I. :(

Yesterday was okay. Someone came up to me in the Tallahassee airport and said, "Are you Melissa?" Turns out it was Helen, the 60-something year old VISTA who will be working in Calhoun County, but with the same organization that I am. The plane ride was hella bumpy. I've never felt that sick on a plane ride before-- and the worst part is, there was no barf bag! I didn't need it, but it would have been nice to have the option. Found the bus okay (Helen and I found it together) and got to do something very reminiscent of high school. Roll call! I keep expecting something to have messed up, and them not to have my name, but so far everything's been fine.

Got my hotel room, but no roommate. Today they will group all the people without roommies together, so I'll have one by tonight. I hope she moves into MY room instead of me moving into hers. I hate moving onto other people's "turf." but weirdly have no problem sharing mine. Hmm.

At 1:30 I got to the hotel, 2:30 I registered and picked up an Americorps tote, my agenda/details for the orientation, my nametag, and my shirt (which luckily people didn't wear today, I was afraid that they would).

4:45 We had our first big assembly. We introduced ourselves around the room to the tune of "mingle mingle mingle!" We watched a video, talked about Americorps, why we were doing it, what we would hope to help with, and what we hoped to gain from the experience. There are less people than I thought here, only 200 or so. There are a few more PSOs this season, and also, this is just the southern cluster.

I'm lucky, because when people ask me where I'm from its the same as where I'm working. Everyone else gets confused at the question. We've got Chicagoans working in Louisville, San Fransisco people working in Atlanta, etc. There are a few other people working in Tallahassee (or so I inferred from the list in my packet), whom I hope to meet today.

There are two girls working in Louisvile (including the Chicagoan I mentioned) that I ate dinner with yesterday. They are just meeting eachother and are going to be working together, so I feel a little like I'm imposing, or that they would rather spend time with eachother instead of me.. because obviously you'd rather have a friend in your city than a random girl who is going to be working many miles away.

We don't have our next thing until 8:30. We go into our "breakout" groups. I'm in the red group, which is mostly Floridians. We're going to discuss more stuff. That's the entire week! I'd type out my schedule, but just assume that I'm going to be in assemblies or breakout groups, except for mealtimes, until 7:30 every day.

Tuttles taking her cousin to visit her grandparents today, and might stay the night. In that case, we'll get together Thursday night. Otherwise, perhaps both tonight and Thursday? Unsure.

Text messaging is the only thing keeping me sane. Please, keep sending me texts! To my regular number (352-682-1793)! And of course, call me on my dad's phone (850-294-2065). It wasn't working very well and was full of static yesterday but seems to be better today. Don't worry about interrupting me. Believe me. If I'm busy, it'll be off or on vibrate, and I just won't answer it. Aaaand of course, my hotel number, just in case: 404-591-2000, and I'm room 623-- that may change later today, if it does I'll phone post it.

Okay, I'm going to catch up on my friends postings now. Think happy thoughts for me! Outgoing thoughts!
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