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HBP chat

Super long chat transcript, but good discussion involved

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thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: easier this way.
andiTUT: definitely
thisgirliknow4: sara, can you look up the locket in ootp?
Sexy Ollie Wood: haha
Sexy Ollie Wood: what locket?
thisgirliknow4: I remember them finding one in 12 grimmauld place
thisgirliknow4: in ootp
thisgirliknow4: I'm sure of it
Sexy Ollie Wood: ok, gimme a sec
andiTUT: they couldn't open it, if memory serves me
andiTUT: what's with harry not killing kreacher
andiTUT: he seems pretty ok with the fact that he is his master
Sexy Ollie Wood: he doesn't like him, but he's not cruel
andiTUT: i know
andiTUT: it seems weird to me
andiTUT: the fighting house elves were funny though
andiTUT: i love dobby
thisgirliknow4: right, it was sealed or something
thisgirliknow4: I didnt mind kreacher so much this book
thisgirliknow4: dude
andiTUT: if i were harry i would have killed him outright
thisgirliknow4: one of the best parts: Mollywobbles.
andiTUT: hehehehe
thisgirliknow4: dude, Hermione would hate you for ssaying that
andiTUT: i know
andiTUT: but i hate kreacher
andiTUT: he gives me the creeps
andiTUT: he has since first read about him
thisgirliknow4: so do you think the locket they find when cleaning is the real one?
thisgirliknow4: I forget exactly what the note says
andiTUT: molly + arthur + sex = eurgh
thisgirliknow4: but basically regulus says that he's taken the real one, right
andiTUT: right
thisgirliknow4: ewww..
thisgirliknow4: so okay
andiTUT: i was telling sara, i hope that bill and remus aren't very kinky
thisgirliknow4: is Snape a double agent completely?
thisgirliknow4: was he helping the good side?
thisgirliknow4: did he only kill Dumbly because he had to carry out what Draco could not?
thisgirliknow4: with the Unbreakable vow and such?
andiTUT: i was thinking about that myself
thisgirliknow4: bill and remus? together?
Sexy Ollie Wood: all it says that it was a heavy locket that none of them could open
Sexy Ollie Wood: no, with their S.O.s
andiTUT: no, with they're respective partners
thisgirliknow4: what do you want to bet its that locket
thisgirliknow4: okay
Sexy Ollie Wood: I bet it is
thisgirliknow4: remus + tonks.. eeeee
andiTUT: no love-biting
Sexy Ollie Wood: haha
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: haha yeah
andiTUT: about snape though
thisgirliknow4: though we dont know if he has the skill to change people that way
thisgirliknow4: yeah, it could be that bellatrix kinda forced him into saying that
andiTUT: i wonder if dumbledore wasn't actually pleading with snape to kill him, rather than save him
thisgirliknow4: and he couldnt say that he wouldnt, because he was not going to tell them that he was good
thisgirliknow4: I think he was
thisgirliknow4: pleading for snape to kill him
thisgirliknow4: so draco wouldnt be a murderer
andiTUT: its hard for me to want to believe that he's good
thisgirliknow4: but would that mean that Dumbledore knew something about the Unbreakable vow that Snape had made?
andiTUT: probably
thisgirliknow4: whenever you kill anyone do you get horcruxes?
thisgirliknow4: or is it more than that?
thisgirliknow4: like, okay, Bellatrix killed Sirius, right?
andiTUT: its more than that
Sexy Ollie Wood: If Draco had killed him would he have gotten a horcrux?
thisgirliknow4: does she have a horcrux somewhere?
thisgirliknow4: okay
andiTUT: you kill the person, your soul is split
andiTUT: if you do a spell at that moment, then you can put half your soul into something
Sexy Ollie Wood: but you protect the portion in a horcruz
Sexy Ollie Wood: horcrux*
andiTUT: right
thisgirliknow4: you know
thisgirliknow4: it seems that dumbledore was pleading for snape to kill him
andiTUT: sorry to change the subject, but i have to say that i find the idea of the inferi EXTREMELY SCARY
thisgirliknow4: ME TOO
thisgirliknow4: and that unlike Harry, Snape takes Dumbedore's word as law
Sexy Ollie Wood: I find them extremely LotR
thisgirliknow4: I mean
thisgirliknow4: Dumbledore tells Harry several times that he has to follow directions
thisgirliknow4: I think Snape just knew to take Dumbedore's word as what to do
thisgirliknow4: I love how DD kept giving himself props
thisgirliknow4: talking about how smart and how clever he was
Sexy Ollie Wood: I didn't like that
Sexy Ollie Wood: he's always been humble
thisgirliknow4: I found it very narcissistic and entertaining
andiTUT: one of the things that make me think otherwise is the look of revulsion on snape's face
Sexy Ollie Wood: you would
andiTUT: true, it could have been a cover up
Sexy Ollie Wood: perhaps he was revulsed at the thought of killing Dumbledore
andiTUT: maybe
Sexy Ollie Wood: Like Harry was when he had to make Dumbledore keep drinking that potion
andiTUT: true
andiTUT: that made me sad
thisgirliknow4: I think so
andiTUT: why couldn't he just scoop out the potion with the goblet and pour it on the ground?
thisgirliknow4: see after hating Snape for the past day I hate that I'm realizing things now
thisgirliknow4: because that wouldnt have worked with the book
andiTUT: grr
Sexy Ollie Wood: Dumbledore said he needed Severus, when they got back. I thought it was for an antidote, but Severus wouldn't have continued to brew antidotes as DADA prof, would he? Dd would have asked for Slughorn.
Sexy Ollie Wood: Dd. knew he was going to die.
thisgirliknow4: yeah
thisgirliknow4: he was growing weaker anyway
Sexy Ollie Wood: maybe.......hangon
andiTUT: good point
Sexy Ollie Wood: maybe Snape told Dumbledore about the Unbreakable Vow
Sexy Ollie Wood: and what he'd vowed to do
Sexy Ollie Wood: and to save Draco and Snape he knew he had to die
thisgirliknow4: So after Regulus drank the potion
thisgirliknow4: he must have gone back to 12 grimmauld place
thisgirliknow4: and then died in his house?
thisgirliknow4: which means that voldemort (or one of his followers) didn't kill him
andiTUT: maybe, but how would the potion have restored itself
thisgirliknow4: all that crap sirius said about regulus being an idiot, and getting himself killed.. probably wasnt true
andiTUT: but they said they never found a body
thisgirliknow4: eh. self restoring. I wouldnt put that past voldie
thisgirliknow4: hmmm
thisgirliknow4: maybe he dropped it off and then went to go hang out with the inferi
andiTUT: somehow i doubt it
thisgirliknow4: How awesome was "quid agis"
thisgirliknow4: and how random
Sexy Ollie Wood: Or, maybe...he had someone else drink the potion
andiTUT: who, though?
andiTUT: i love that regulus wasn't bad after all
thisgirliknow4: he was bad. He was just good to his master.
thisgirliknow4: ish.
thisgirliknow4: you know
thisgirliknow4: by Snape killing Dumblefore
thisgirliknow4: dore
thisgirliknow4: it probably also gives him more strength within the death eaters
Sexy Ollie Wood: Maybe Regulus isn't dead
Sexy Ollie Wood: Peter wasn't
Sexy Ollie Wood: they didn't find his body either
thisgirliknow4: even if it was what should have happened on the good side too, for Draco's sake, and the fact he was going to die anyway
thisgirliknow4: but he probably has more respect. I mean, he killed Dumbledore. Voldie never even tried to face him.
thisgirliknow4: I think the potion would have killed Regulus
Sexy Ollie Wood: we don't know that, though
andiTUT: yes
andiTUT: but, there must be some sort of antidote to it
thisgirliknow4: bezoar?
Sexy Ollie Wood: what disturbed me the most was, where does Voldie get his bodies for the Inferi? Are they Muggles or could Amelia Bones come after someone?
Sexy Ollie Wood: yes!
andiTUT: otherwise how can voldemort drink it? assuming he has no other means of getting rid of it
Sexy Ollie Wood: exactly
thisgirliknow4: they could just be random dead people
thisgirliknow4: I mean, people die all the time
thisgirliknow4: well, its possible that there isnt a liquid antidote to dirnk
andiTUT: how would he get the bodies and transport them there without anyone knowing
thisgirliknow4: but that voldemort is immune to it because he drinks it often, or he has some other sort of immunity
thisgirliknow4: or, he's not really mortal to begin with, so it cant hurt him
andiTUT: anyway, if regulus was clever enough and high enough in the ranks of the death eaters to have figured out the horcruxes, he must have known some immunity to the potion, or something
thisgirliknow4: I dunno
andiTUT: but the poison would still kill the body that voldemort is inhabiting at the time
thisgirliknow4: did you notice how Harry was so obsessed with Draco?
andiTUT: i know, it was weird
thisgirliknow4: and kept calling Tom handsome?
thisgirliknow4: and broke up with Ginny?
andiTUT: even weirder was the amount of pity i felt for draco in this book
thisgirliknow4: I know!
thisgirliknow4: I thought Draco died
andiTUT: harry is not gay!
Sexy Ollie Wood: I felt none
andiTUT: no, he got away
thisgirliknow4: sectumsempra whatever
andiTUT: harry tried to use it on snape
thisgirliknow4: he couldnt get the words out though, or something
andiTUT: do you think that draco will come to the good side
thisgirliknow4: when he used it on Draco and he started bleeding I was sad
thisgirliknow4: I don't want Draco to die
thisgirliknow4: I dunno-- the fact that he couldnt kill Dumbledore
thisgirliknow4: I think that paves the way to transition into good.
Sexy Ollie Wood: I was sad at the fact that Harry would probably be expelled, that's it
andiTUT: it wasn't just that he couldn't kill him, after all, it would have been difficult
andiTUT: he was putting his wand down
andiTUT: he was desperate to save his family
andiTUT: i was mostly just startled at the severity of the curse
thisgirliknow4: well
thisgirliknow4: it is "for enemies"
andiTUT: so is petrificus totalus
Sexy Ollie Wood: I wonder if Sev ever tried to use it against James, etc.
thisgirliknow4: I wonder why the potions were a) too hard for hermione
thisgirliknow4: b) werent published more recently, when they found new things
thisgirliknow4: I mean, snape could have written a book, prof's do it all the time.
Sexy Ollie Wood: If Snape made the Levicorpus thing, and it's nonverbal, how did the marauders find out how to do it.
andiTUT: i dont' think that they were too hard for hermione, i just think that snape found an easier way
thisgirliknow4: and obviously snape had ideas abou tthose potions, they obviously worked better his way than the published way
andiTUT: maybe the map showed him using it?
thisgirliknow4: maybe snape thought it up, used it on someone, and then the marauders figured out the spell?
thisgirliknow4: or maybe they stoll his book?
Sexy Ollie Wood: no, it shows something people say, not think.
thisgirliknow4: (wow, for a second, I thought stole was spelled stoll. Really)
andiTUT: weirdo
Sexy Ollie Wood: I think it's more likely that his book was stolen
thisgirliknow4: they were very hard for hermione, she was struggling with the potions and couldnt get them right.
Sexy Ollie Wood: yeah

thisgirliknow4: How cool would it be if it showed stuff that people thought?
andiTUT: i don't understand how she didn't get an O in dada
andiTUT: well, as its a spell, it might be a different case
thisgirliknow4: The OWLs were basically what I had expected
thisgirliknow4: knew he wouldnt pass divination or history of magic
andiTUT: but then again, the only time we've seen words coming from anyone on the map was when it was showing harry how to open the tunnel
Sexy Ollie Wood: the only time we've seen a word it was a spell, the one he head to do on the witch's hump to get to Hogsmeade in PoA
thisgirliknow4: you're right. but thats not even something he said, it's something the map told him to say
andiTUT: well, yes, but it still seems like hermione should've gotten an O
thisgirliknow4: (jinx)
andiTUT: grr
Sexy Ollie Wood: you can't say jinx
thisgirliknow4: well, harry did better than hermione third year, which is the only year the both took teh test with a real prof
Sexy Ollie Wood: you're not one of the participating parties
thisgirliknow4: as said in ootp
andiTUT: at least we know for sure now that the map shows ghosts
thisgirliknow4: I think hermione is better in theory, not practice
thisgirliknow4: you know, I think I am hurt about Dumbledore
Sexy Ollie Wood: How funny was the abstinence password right after Ron and Lav got together!
thisgirliknow4: because he says he's more clever than Harry
andiTUT: that was awesome
thisgirliknow4: I would understand "smarter"
Sexy Ollie Wood: I know it was referring to alcohol, but that was awesome
thisgirliknow4: obviously he's learned more
thisgirliknow4: but I think of clever as more of an IQ thing
thisgirliknow4: HAHA yes! abstinence!
andiTUT: i thought you like dd's narcissistic attitude?
andiTUT: when are they going to tell us that the barkeeper at the hog's head is aberforth
thisgirliknow4: well, if he said he was smart, thatd be fine
thisgirliknow4: but clever... I dunno, harry's pretty clever
thisgirliknow4: do you think Mundungus probably sold the locket?
thisgirliknow4: or do you think its still in the house?
andiTUT: no
andiTUT: he only seemed to have the silver
thisgirliknow4: well why else would there even be that scene?
andiTUT: which sirius basically told him he could have
thisgirliknow4: I'm sure thats not the only time he stole from there
thisgirliknow4: Hmm
thisgirliknow4: also
thisgirliknow4: Regulus says in the note that he will be dead by the time the dark lord gets the note.
andiTUT: i really don't think he took anything but the silver that sirius hated and no longer wanted
thisgirliknow4: I really think he is dead.
thisgirliknow4: I think you have too much faith in Mundungus
andiTUT: i think so too, i just think there is way more to the story of regulus than we have been told
Sexy Ollie Wood: there's way more to the story of everything than we've been told
thisgirliknow4: well I think what sirius said had no basis in truth
Sexy Ollie Wood: the Bitch is holding out on us
thisgirliknow4: do not speak of her that way!
andiTUT: seriously
andiTUT: but i do want to know what the hell dudley saw with the dementors
thisgirliknow4: ME TOO
thisgirliknow4: I thought she said we'd get to know in this book
andiTUT: and what lily's eyes have anything to do with anything
thisgirliknow4: I guess maybe she didnt specify a book
andiTUT: i think she said we'd find out
thisgirliknow4: I thought we were going to learn something big about lily
thisgirliknow4: all we learned is that she was one of Slughorn's fave students
Sexy Ollie Wood: Was Lily in the Slug Club
andiTUT: and i want to know what snape's patronus and boggart are
Sexy Ollie Wood: ?
andiTUT: and that she was exceptionally good at potion making
andiTUT: i imagine she was
thisgirliknow4: maybe she stole snapes book
andiTUT: but i thought she was supposed to have been really good at charms
thisgirliknow4: or maybe they shared
thisgirliknow4: she defended him against james
thisgirliknow4: all of these questions cant possibly be answered in the 7th book. I wonder if Rowling will answer unanswered questions after it, since she doesnt plan to write anymore
thisgirliknow4: * any more.
andiTUT: i think that had more to do with the kind of person she was
thisgirliknow4: okay
andiTUT: i know, i'm sure she'll answer most of our questions, but there is no possible way she could answer all of them
thisgirliknow4: hmm
thisgirliknow4: know how Harry was told to do everything DUmbly said?
andiTUT: we still didn't get any back story on the marauders
andiTUT: yup
Sexy Ollie Wood: YES
thisgirliknow4: after he took the potion, didnt he say "kill me"
Sexy Ollie Wood: EEP
thisgirliknow4: or are we supposed to assume Harry knew it wasn't for real somehow, and just because he was in pain
andiTUT: i want to know what was going on with dd then
thisgirliknow4: I mean, we've all thought of that as a release for pain
thisgirliknow4: I guess he was just being irrational and Harry knew that
andiTUT: could harry have killed him at that point though?
thisgirliknow4: I don't know.
thisgirliknow4: If he had his wand
andiTUT: i don't think he could pull of the avada kedavra curse even if he were facing snape of voldemort, let alone someone he cared about
thisgirliknow4: I feel fairly certain he's strong enough for Avada Kedavra
thisgirliknow4: though perhaps not against dumble
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: but if what bellatrix said was right, and you have to want to cause pain and suffering and even death, then i don't think harry is capable of it, but besides that, what does it say about snape?
thisgirliknow4: we know snapes a little dodgy, even if he does happen to be good
Sexy Ollie Wood: My question is...why was Bellatrix teaching Draco Occlumency? So he could stand up against Voldemort?
andiTUT: dumbledore, more like
thisgirliknow4: or Snape
thisgirliknow4: or Dumbledore, or maybe its just a good skill to have
andiTUT: it seems a bit odd that voldemort would send draco to do his bidding
andiTUT: even as a punishment to lucius
Sexy Ollie Wood: I don't think so
andiTUT: i mean, he obviously knew that draco would fail
Sexy Ollie Wood: he never expected him to live
Sexy Ollie Wood: it was a roundabout way of killing off Lucius' only offspring
andiTUT: i don't know if i buy that
andiTUT: ok, i know this is out there
andiTUT: but what if, he planned on narcissa going to snape
andiTUT: told her to make him promise to protect draco and finish off dumbledore in the case that draco couldn't
thisgirliknow4: for most of the book I assumed they were talking about killing Harry
andiTUT: so did i
thisgirliknow4: but Bellatrix and Narcissa should have known that they couldnt kill Harry before the seventh book. Sheesh.
andiTUT: heh
thisgirliknow4: So, Fawkes
thisgirliknow4: Dead?
thisgirliknow4: never coming back to life?
Sexy Ollie Wood: gone
Sexy Ollie Wood: flew off
andiTUT: i think gone also
thisgirliknow4: buried alive with DD?
andiTUT: the question is, to where?
Sexy Ollie Wood: although...Harry said that he thought he saw a phoenix fly out of the flames of Dd's body
andiTUT: i think that had to do with dumbledore's spirit
andiTUT: his patronus was a phoenix, after all
thisgirliknow4: whoa
thisgirliknow4: WHAT?
Sexy Ollie Wood: what if it joins him? Harry, that is. Being the same kind of help that Fawkes was to Dd.
Sexy Ollie Wood: since when?
andiTUT: jk updated her website with the latest poll results a day or two ago
thisgirliknow4: whoa.
andiTUT: she answered the question about how the order members communicate
andiTUT: they use their patroni
Sexy Ollie Wood: what other patroni do we know?
thisgirliknow4: oh, yeah, we knew that though
Sexy Ollie Wood: yeah, we do
Sexy Ollie Wood: Tonks did that
andiTUT: dumbledore taught them how, they're the only wizards who know how to use them in that way, and each members patronus is distinctive, and can't really be tampered with or replicated
andiTUT: and she said dd's was a phoenix
andiTUT: we don't know what snape's is, though i'd hoped to find out in this book
andiTUT: she said it would give away too much
andiTUT: i was really starting to think that tonks was under the imperius curse or else being impersonated when they said her patronus had changed shape
MasterWolfSK has entered the room.
Sexy Ollie Wood: wait, telling Snape's patronus would give away too much?
Sexy Ollie Wood: It's got to be something we know then
thisgirliknow4: maybe its Harry.
thisgirliknow4: haha.
Sexy Ollie Wood: hahaha!!
andiTUT: yeah, i think in one of her interviews she said that telling us what snape's boggart and patronus are would give away too much
thisgirliknow4: so do we know for sure that Tonk's patronus is Padfoot
andiTUT: which is why i wanted to know
andiTUT: yes
thisgirliknow4: or could it be a werewolf, a la Lupin?
MasterWolfSK: uh
MasterWolfSK: no?
MasterWolfSK: lupin, for sure...
andiTUT: no
andiTUT: duh
Sexy Ollie Wood: lupin for sure, yeah
MasterWolfSK: I thought it was padfoot until the end...
andiTUT: yeah, you're right, whoever you are
andiTUT: i didn't
thisgirliknow4: well, do we assume she is more distraught over sirius's death, or overunrequited love
thisgirliknow4: Andrea, Aras. Aras, Andrea.
andiTUT: i thought she was being imperiused, then i thought she was madly in love with bill
MasterWolfSK: toungue twister
Sexy Ollie Wood: unrequited love
MasterWolfSK: O_o
andiTUT: yeah, love definitely
thisgirliknow4: okay. I'm so glad that seems to be working out. I never would have guessed it but its cute.
andiTUT: she basically ignores harry when he's talking about sirius
thisgirliknow4: and how incredibly sweet was the bill fleur scene
MasterWolfSK: yeah, the whole lupin-tonks thing was a big surprize for me
MasterWolfSK: yes, bill - fleur was very sweet
MasterWolfSK: I have new found respect for her
thisgirliknow4: I like that Fleur's original thought was that the Weasleys would think that Bill wouldnt love HER anymore, instead of the other way around.
andiTUT: despite the fact that i didn't think that's where it was heading, i wasn't really surprised
thisgirliknow4: I like her much better now
andiTUT: but then, i'm not surprised by much of anything in jkland anymore
Sexy Ollie Wood: I think that Sirius reminded her of Remus
Sexy Ollie Wood: (she said three hours later)
thisgirliknow4: Oh, Aras, you missed osme stuff
MasterWolfSK: that's fine :P
thisgirliknow4: okay, locket was mentioned in ootp in 12 grimauld place
thisgirliknow4: possibly the horcrux that regulus stole?
MasterWolfSK: keep in mind I'll be discussing this for like the next two years
thisgirliknow4: (assuming regulus is R.A.B.)
MasterWolfSK: so RUB is def Regilus?
MasterWolfSK: oh
MasterWolfSK: RAB
MasterWolfSK: right
andiTUT: have you all noticed how many lockets and necklaces are in this book
thisgirliknow4: yeah, I did.
thisgirliknow4: I think sometimes she picks themes
thisgirliknow4: like in the last book, butterbeer sloshing
thisgirliknow4: it was talked about like ten times
thisgirliknow4: any new theories on the number 12?
andiTUT: the one that nearly kills katie, the one ron recieves from lavender, obiously the real and fake thingy
andiTUT: no, but the number seven interests me
thisgirliknow4: because of the horcruxes?
andiTUT: i don't remember it being a big deal
andiTUT: because voldemort says its the most powerful number in magic
MasterWolfSK: seven has always been important as a religious number, I thought
andiTUT: have they even talked about the number seven in the books, though?
MasterWolfSK: seventh heaven, seventh son, etc
andiTUT: i don't remember them having done so
MasterWolfSK: no, not really
thisgirliknow4: not any more than any other random number
andiTUT: maybe there was a reason teh weasley's had seven children
Sexy Ollie Wood: haha
thisgirliknow4: well, I think there was an older child that died
thisgirliknow4: which pans out into my whole "Seventh son = seer" idea
MasterWolfSK: which is just wierd
MasterWolfSK: =P
andiTUT: i think the evidence is definitelly against ron for being a seer
thisgirliknow4: though I couldnt find anything like that, supporting Ron being a seer, in this book, and she would have mentioned stuff about it, I would think, if it would come into play in the last book
andiTUT: despite making one or two predictions made jokingly
andiTUT: and not all of his jokes have come to fruition
MasterWolfSK: I might have to break my promise to myself not to reread #6 for a while
andiTUT: arthur isn't minister of magic
thisgirliknow4: well no not all of them
thisgirliknow4: but two in six years is better than trelawneys two in sixteen years
thisgirliknow4: though obviously her's were a bit more dramatic
andiTUT: well yes
andiTUT: i want to know what's up with the tower lightning thing
andiTUT: i mean, she named the chapter that
MasterWolfSK: yeah, definately gonna have to go read it again
thisgirliknow4: I want to know how Harry could possibly tell Goyle he was very pretty without snorting
thisgirliknow4: the tower lightning thing?
andiTUT: whatever trelawney was talking about toward teh end
andiTUT: with the cards
MasterWolfSK: tarot cards?
andiTUT: probably
MasterWolfSK: lo, j/k
thisgirliknow4: Aras, did you get my e-mail?
MasterWolfSK: which?
MasterWolfSK: the 1?
MasterWolfSK: or was there another?
thisgirliknow4: the one with the transcript
thisgirliknow4: there was only one
MasterWolfSK: yes, I got an email from you with a transcript
thisgirliknow4: =9Ebr4GJ6kzz0gkhzzLek&shareName=M MS
thisgirliknow4: thats the pictures from the party
thisgirliknow4: in case any of you havent seen them
MasterWolfSK: of course I saw those as soon as you posted them :-)
MasterWolfSK: of course... apparently so did all of my friends cause you didn't make ur post friend's only
MasterWolfSK: =P
thisgirliknow4: I hardly ever do anymore.
MasterWolfSK: heh
thisgirliknow4: your friends wouldnt have looked unless you told them to.
MasterWolfSK: that's what I thought
MasterWolfSK: and by friends of course i mean like friend
MasterWolfSK: lol
thisgirliknow4: I need to find out who that on kid was
thisgirliknow4: I either need to adopt him or seduce him
MasterWolfSK: lol
MasterWolfSK: the older or younger ;-)
thisgirliknow4: I meant the younger
thisgirliknow4: I'm not going to adopt Hot!Ron
MasterWolfSK: :P
thisgirliknow4: Sara, Andrea? still in here?
andiTUT: yeah
andiTUT: just looking up something
thisgirliknow4: good link for theories, but we've talked about most of this:
thisgirliknow4: ves/3409.html?page=2#comments
andiTUT: i think my excess thoughts are finally starting to leave me in peace
thisgirliknow4: its one of Karen's friends
MasterWolfSK: I think I'm just gonna idle in here overnight
andiTUT: i may have to go to bed soon
thisgirliknow4: is Sara dead?
andiTUT: probably
MasterWolfSK: then she could be an Inferi!
MasterWolfSK: wait... that's just wierd
Sexy Ollie Wood: *drags you into the water*
MasterWolfSK: </wierdness>
andiTUT: you know what's weird
Sexy Ollie Wood: me being an inferi?
andiTUT: i really thought the overall tone of this book was much less dark than the last one
andiTUT: well, yes that too
MasterWolfSK: well
MasterWolfSK: i think
MasterWolfSK: overall, this one was more dark
MasterWolfSK: but the 5th was dark longer
MasterWolfSK: know what I mean?
thisgirliknow4: It didnt really seem dark to me
MasterWolfSK: that's cause you hate DD :P
MasterWolfSK: yes, i was kidding
thisgirliknow4: maybe I'm older, or was less into it. I think lack of sleep helped me be less emotional at Dumbly's death
MasterWolfSK: well
andiTUT: even with all the deaths in this book, the introduction of the living dead, a cannibalistic werewolf who enjoys biting children, and the ability to take away a part of your soul
thisgirliknow4: I guess we didnt actually face voldemort at all
MasterWolfSK: I was very very saddened
andiTUT: true, did we even see voldemort in this book?
thisgirliknow4: the living dead really really freak me out
andiTUT: besides in the memories?
thisgirliknow4: no, I dont think he was anywhere
thisgirliknow4: yeah, besides the memories
Sexy Ollie Wood: You know what lightened it?
Sexy Ollie Wood: All of the love
andiTUT: yeah, me too, this is definitely no longer a childrens series
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: yes, but it was more than that
thisgirliknow4: what with all the death and snogging
andiTUT: harry was less broody
MasterWolfSK: when Harry kissed Ginny, I gasped
thisgirliknow4: less angsty
MasterWolfSK: it was surprising
Sexy Ollie Wood: no more caps long fiend
thisgirliknow4: ?
Sexy Ollie Wood: lock*
andiTUT: i had the biggest stupid grin after the first ginny/harry kiss
thisgirliknow4: I was happy
thisgirliknow4: I kept rereading the paragraph
thisgirliknow4: it made me all warm and bubbly
andiTUT: like i told sara, though, when ron confessed his love to hermione my heart probably stopped an entire minute
thisgirliknow4: duuude
MasterWolfSK: Harry was less broody, but he was definately more "kick - ass"
thisgirliknow4: it didnt happen
thisgirliknow4: oh
andiTUT: what didn't happen?
thisgirliknow4: the "I love you Hermione"
andiTUT: yes
thisgirliknow4: the same way I'd say "I love you Andrea"
MasterWolfSK: Any Crabbe-Goyle shippers out there?
thisgirliknow4: thats crap. it's not real. its friend-love
thisgirliknow4: uh.. no. but Goyle-as-girl and harry should hook up
MasterWolfSK: Yes, I'm sure Ron is only "friend-loving" Hermy
thisgirliknow4: I'm not saying friend-love isnt real
andiTUT: i think it was friendship love covering up real love
thisgirliknow4: you know what I mean
Sexy Ollie Wood: what about Goyle as a girl and Draco?
thisgirliknow4: well, I think theres more to it, but when he said it, I dont think it was meant to be taken in the romantic way
andiTUT: hermione did
andiTUT: besides, as someone who has masqueraded the friendship i love you for the romantic i love you, i should know there was something more to that
thisgirliknow4: what? Andrea...I thought... well...
Sexy Ollie Wood: You mean to say, Melissa, that you don't REALLY love me?
thisgirliknow4: ;-)
thisgirliknow4: heehee
thisgirliknow4: Of course I love you Sara
Sexy Ollie Wood: *is teh hurt*
thisgirliknow4: :::covers up romantic love with friend love::
thisgirliknow4: seriously, though
thisgirliknow4: I'm almost glad that Ron and Hermy didnt get together in this book
andiTUT: they did though
thisgirliknow4: it'd give them a longer time to break up
andiTUT: they just weren
MasterWolfSK: guaranteed their first child is named Harry
andiTUT: they just weren't that obvious about it
MasterWolfSK: after Harry dies
thisgirliknow4: people who get together later in life have much more of a chance
andiTUT: oooh
thisgirliknow4: college sweethearts vs high school sweethearts
andiTUT: i just remembered something
andiTUT: and not necessarily
thisgirliknow4: enlighten us
thisgirliknow4: ... lover.
andiTUT: the portrait in the prime minister's office
andiTUT: TOTALLY reminded me of umbridge
Sexy Ollie Wood: me too!
andiTUT: a relative, do you think?
MasterWolfSK: me too!
MasterWolfSK: stupid MoM that we don't know...
andiTUT: a chapter, which, by the way, i had to read about three times to fully comprehend
andiTUT: partially by the fact that i was so giddy about finally having gotten my book
thisgirliknow4: wait
MasterWolfSK: well, I went through that chapter... and then waited ;-)
thisgirliknow4: what portrait?
andiTUT: the first two chapters were creepy though, and didn't flow that well, although i'm sure they were important
Sexy Ollie Wood: the ugly one in the first chapter
thisgirliknow4: I dont remember
andiTUT: the portrait that announces the arrival of fudge
Sexy Ollie Wood: that announced the minister's arrival
thisgirliknow4: I dont recall, and my book is currently being hoarded by my mom
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: ohh
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: yeah
thisgirliknow4: so, Dumbledore's got portraits
Sexy Ollie Wood: who else is in love with Kingsley?
andiTUT: ugly, pretty sure they said he was toad like, and made the little throat clearing sound
thisgirliknow4: I wonder if portraits of you when you are alive can talk
MasterWolfSK: I'm
MasterWolfSK: ....not
andiTUT: i love kingsley
thisgirliknow4: I'm not in love with him, but I thought it was funny when the prime minister assumed he was a muggle
MasterWolfSK: I like Ginny
andiTUT: i'm just waiting for him to grant harry three wishes
MasterWolfSK: lol
Sexy Ollie Wood: The description of the portrait is as follows
MasterWolfSK: anyway, I'm off to sleep
MasterWolfSK: I'll be "on" so Trillian records the convo
Sexy Ollie Wood: a froglike little man wearing a long silver wig who was depicted in a small dirty oil painting in the far corner of the room
andiTUT: i find the thought that the dementors are breeding immensly scary
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: night, Aras
MasterWolfSK: g'night
andiTUT: bye!
thisgirliknow4: I wonder how they breed, though
MasterWolfSK: i rather not think about it
andiTUT: i'm not sure i want to know
MasterWolfSK: actuallyt
thisgirliknow4: I think that I am giving up my thoery that there is more to Petunia than meets the eye
andiTUT: you have the copy of fantastic beasts, i think there's another creature in there that is similar
MasterWolfSK: -=Asleep=-
thisgirliknow4: I dont care anymore, really. I think its less important now than it was in earlier books
andiTUT: no, i definitely think there is something there with petunia
andiTUT: i just wanted to know what it was
andiTUT: i know its probably not important, but its just a nagging issue for me
thisgirliknow4: well, I guess maybe when we find out more about LIly?
thisgirliknow4: she keeps promising something huge to come out about her
andiTUT: if we ever do
andiTUT: i know
andiTUT: all we found out this time is that she was apparently good at potions
thisgirliknow4: I really doubt this was the huge explosive thing
thisgirliknow4: unless theres something we missed/overlooked
thisgirliknow4: or that was hidden
andiTUT: why doesn't harry ask lupin more about his parents
thisgirliknow4: maybe lily and slughorn had a love child, and it was harry?
andiTUT: i don't think i can handle a re-read just yet
andiTUT: eww no
andiTUT: slughorn is ugly, and besides, harry looks just like james
Sexy Ollie Wood: because Harry doesnt' look exactly like James at all
thisgirliknow4: Slughorn seems a little freaky, I wouldnt doubt his hitting on Lily
thisgirliknow4: oh blah
Sexy Ollie Wood: details
Sexy Ollie Wood: minor though they may be
Sexy Ollie Wood: are important
thisgirliknow4: in th e3rd movie, Lupin goes on and on about Lily and barely mentions James
thisgirliknow4: I think tht was important
andiTUT: i suppose we'll find out more about his parents if he goes to godric's hollow in the next book
thisgirliknow4: JK has told the directors more than shes told anyone else
thisgirliknow4: they needed to know these things
andiTUT: which had better be coming out very soon
Sexy Ollie Wood: like...tomorrow?
thisgirliknow4: yeah, he said he might
andiTUT: yes
thisgirliknow4: no no, not tomorrow
thisgirliknow4: though how awesome would that be
Sexy Ollie Wood: that's what we're saying, silly
andiTUT: well ok, give me a couple of weeks to reread and formulate awesome theories
thisgirliknow4: part of me thinks it will take forever, because she has so much to tie up
andiTUT: THEN hand me the next book
thisgirliknow4: the other part of me knows that shes been workingon this series for a long time, and has been working on all the books all together, so that means that she is the most done with 7
andiTUT: harry potter and the answers to all your questions, including the life, universe, and everything because you just werent' that satisfied about what the hitchiker's guide had to say about it
andiTUT: i'm sure she has all the answers
thisgirliknow4: heh
thisgirliknow4: I bet some of the stuff we think is really important doesnt really matter
andiTUT: it would be a matter of making a plot and storyline that throws in everying
andiTUT: i'm sure
andiTUT: and there are probably plenty of things that we haven't even noticed which are crucial
thisgirliknow4: she just better start the next book right after this ends
Sexy Ollie Wood: I think I'm going to go :-\
Sexy Ollie Wood: I'm tired and have to get up early tomorrow
thisgirliknow4: its hardly going to be an uneventful summer
andiTUT: yeah, i'll probably leave in a minute
andiTUT: me too
thisgirliknow4: things dont only happen during the school year. Voldie doesn't really think like that.
Sexy Ollie Wood: I'll ttyl?
andiTUT: ok
andiTUT: bye
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: I may stay here and talk to myself
Sexy Ollie Wood: toodles!
Sexy Ollie Wood has left the room.
andiTUT: i'll be here for a little while longer
thisgirliknow4: okay :-)
andiTUT: now that i've gotten most of the thoughts of my mind
thisgirliknow4: was it dumbledore that was accusing the dursleys of not giving harry what he needeD?
thisgirliknow4: it must have been
thisgirliknow4: I honestly dont think it was that incredibly horrible
andiTUT: i almost wonder, if harry is a horcrux
thisgirliknow4: whoaaa.
thisgirliknow4: thats deep.
thisgirliknow4: and therefore
andiTUT: i know
thisgirliknow4: Harry can destory himself and therefore destroy the last bit of Voldemort
thisgirliknow4: but if Voldemort's soul is inside him...
thisgirliknow4: I dunno
andiTUT: there is a huge theory about harry housing a part of voldemorts soul within him, i think they called it the changeling theory
andiTUT: something like that
thisgirliknow4: he hasnt acted dark at all thus far
thisgirliknow4: if the last living bit of voldie was inside harry, there would be no reason to destroy him
andiTUT: when they started talking about the horcruxes, i thought for sure that that would be it
andiTUT: i think the theory in its entirety is ont eh red hen website
andiTUT: there are some links to it on mugglenet, i think
andiTUT: but what if it wasn't nagini that housed a piece of voldemort's soul
thisgirliknow4: hmm
thisgirliknow4: well we'd still be missing one right
andiTUT: OR harry is a descendant of godric gryffindor, which is somehting that he'll find out when he goes to godric's hollow
thisgirliknow4: necklace, ring, the two objects he stole from that woman
thisgirliknow4: and voldemort himself
thisgirliknow4: thats five
thisgirliknow4: then both harry and nagini could be horcrux..i
thisgirliknow4: I thought harry might be the heir to gryffindor
andiTUT: or voldi managed to find something of ravenclaw's
thisgirliknow4: when dumbledore said that only a true gryffindor could have gotten the sword
andiTUT: a lot of evidence points to harry being a descendant of him
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: that, and the fact that his family lived in godric's hollow
thisgirliknow4: plus the whole voldie vs harry goes back to salazar vs godric
andiTUT: right
thisgirliknow4: I dunno if that has anything to do with it.
thisgirliknow4: Justin lives in hartsfield Woods. Does that make him related to sara?
andiTUT: no, but this is rowlingland
andiTUT: there are no coincidences
thisgirliknow4: though JK doesnt throw stuff in just for fun
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: except for mark evans
thisgirliknow4: yeah. that was bs.
andiTUT: i really don't understand how she could have overlooked that
thisgirliknow4: maybe she lied when she said she hadnt planned on it spawning theories.
andiTUT: i mean, if five gillion readers noticed it right away, you'd think she would have thought about it
andiTUT: maybe
andiTUT: but i have to accept her word as truth
thisgirliknow4: because she writes Dumbledore's character and Dumbledore is truth?
thisgirliknow4: heh
thisgirliknow4: I have to admit, I liked him better in this book than in OotP
thisgirliknow4: but theres so much more that he could have told Harry
thisgirliknow4: I hate how he puts off telling him things
andiTUT: yes
andiTUT: i think that a lot more will be revealed by his portrait
thisgirliknow4: even about his stupid hand. why wait?
andiTUT: i know
thisgirliknow4: even if dumbledore didnt know that he was going to drink the potion
thisgirliknow4: he obviously still knew that he was old, and getting weaker.
andiTUT: i am not satisfied with the description he gave of how it got that way, either
thisgirliknow4: why else would he be passing on his memories/horcrux information to harry
thisgirliknow4: ooh. I wonder if you can see into the pensieve of a dead person
andiTUT: good point
thisgirliknow4: then couldnt harry theoretically see all Dumbledore's memories?
andiTUT: but didn't he get some of the memories he looked at from people and a house elf who are now dead
thisgirliknow4: but Dumbledore kind of owned the memories by then
andiTUT: i doubt that dd stored all his memories in his pensieve
thisgirliknow4: DD definitely had to get the memories from the person before they died
thisgirliknow4: with Hokey and with.. Bob Ogden
andiTUT: right, but they're now dead, so it would seem that the memories stay intact even after the death of the person tehy belong to
andiTUT: there are a lot of things about the pensieve that i would like to have answered
andiTUT: like, how was it that harry was able to know what the marauders were talking about in snape's worst memory when it was snape's memory?
thisgirliknow4: Well, I think the only memories Harry can access of Dd's are the ones he already saw
thisgirliknow4: ?
thisgirliknow4: what do you mean?
thisgirliknow4: he followed them
thisgirliknow4: he was like transported back to the time
thisgirliknow4: ish.
andiTUT: even so, there must be something more to it
andiTUT: it seems like you would have to see things from the perspective of the person whose memory you are viewing
thisgirliknow4: I guess the only memories that were in the pensieve would be the ones that were extracted from the scalp previously
thisgirliknow4: which makes me wonder
thisgirliknow4: why did Snape want to save that memory?
andiTUT: i think he was setting harry up
thisgirliknow4: hmm
thisgirliknow4: so that Harry would see that his father was a "pompous arrogant whatever"
thisgirliknow4: that makes sense
andiTUT: he chose a memory that he knew would upset harry, one that put his father ina bad light and made his mother look like she hated his father
andiTUT: why would someone who is spying on voldemort and supposedly holds big secrets about him leave out a pensieve that is extremely accessible in front of harry who he knows is inquisitive
thisgirliknow4: yeah
thisgirliknow4: do we know as truth that snape had a thing for lily?
andiTUT: no
thisgirliknow4: or is that something my mind conjured/read somewhere
andiTUT: i don't think he does
andiTUT: i think its a theory
thisgirliknow4: ok
thisgirliknow4: I'm more and more convinced that Snape is still on the good side
thisgirliknow4: and that Dd was right to trust him
thisgirliknow4: but it still pisses me off
thisgirliknow4: and after killing Dd (which is not a secret, everyone knows how he died, right?)
andiTUT: and i don't know about you, but even memories from ten minutes ago are not as clear as the memories we've seen put into the pensieve, and i certainly wouldn't know what i look like sitting here
thisgirliknow4: I'm guessing he won't exactly get to teach at Hogwarts anymore
andiTUT: right, that doesn't make sense to me either
thisgirliknow4: so its not really a memory of yours
thisgirliknow4: its a memory of the time
andiTUT: there's no going back to the order now
thisgirliknow4: yeah, obviously not
andiTUT: unless they somehow knew that it would happen
thisgirliknow4: because only he and (I assume) Dumbledore know the truth, really.
andiTUT: and are just putting on a show for the kids
thisgirliknow4: even if he comes back to the order with top secret information about voldie's league, how likely is it that they would listen to him?
thisgirliknow4: hmm
andiTUT: more likely they would curse him into oblivion
thisgirliknow4: I think the kids are astute enough to recognize something like that
thisgirliknow4: maybe other people do know, though
andiTUT: i thought voldemort's family history was somewhat surprising
thisgirliknow4: or maybe theres some sort of mollywobbles question they can ask
thisgirliknow4: yeah
thisgirliknow4: super inbred on his mom's side
andiTUT: yeah
thisgirliknow4: I thought the chapter about the Gaunts was interesting
thisgirliknow4: I need to reread that
thisgirliknow4: I wonder which chapter it was that JK was talking about putting in the second book
andiTUT: there are a lot of things in this book that don't come off as being that horrible, but when you think about them more, theyr'e super creepy
andiTUT: i think the first chapter of this book was supposed to have been similar to a draft for the first chapter in book one
andiTUT: which would make sense
andiTUT: and that the plot of book two would tie in with this book
thisgirliknow4: hmm
thisgirliknow4: well, about voldie's past, yes
thisgirliknow4: and OH
thisgirliknow4: the diary was a horcrux, I forgot that when I was counting earlier
andiTUT: yeah
andiTUT: i definitely think that harry was one though
thisgirliknow4: diary, locket, ring, two things he stole from the old lady,
thisgirliknow4: thats five
thisgirliknow4: plus himself
thisgirliknow4: and then I guess EITHER harry or nagini
thisgirliknow4: you were right
andiTUT: i think that the curse that rebounded, while it didn't kill him, still split voldemort's soul because of the intention in the curse
thisgirliknow4: and we dont know for sure about the two things he stole, though I really doubt that they arent
thisgirliknow4: or maybe
thisgirliknow4: when he killed Lily
thisgirliknow4: nah, I guess he couldnt have made Harry a horcrux, not with the intent to kill him right afterwards
andiTUT: and since he was planning on creating another horcrux that night, or so we can assume, his soul went into harry instead of what it was intended to go into
thisgirliknow4: hmm
thisgirliknow4: Chitty lives in Tampa now, says SCL letter
andiTUT: yeah, he's going to university of tampa, after all
thisgirliknow4: ah. I didn't know.
thisgirliknow4: maybe the soul that was in voldemort at the time went into harry
thisgirliknow4: obviously voldie had one seventh of himself (atleast) at all times
andiTUT: right
thisgirliknow4: and there are all those things that say "when he tried to kill harry" that he put some of his soul, or "made a connection"
thisgirliknow4: and then yeah
thisgirliknow4: youve already said this, only it just clicked in my mind
andiTUT: what i don't understand is how the part of his soul that he had in his own body at the time that he tried to kill harry survived
andiTUT: wouldn't that part of his soul have been killed, along with his mortal body
andiTUT: and he would have had to rely on a part of his soul that he had removed?
thisgirliknow4: maybe the body disappeared and he kept his soul somewhere else until he had a body again
andiTUT: also, this isn't really a big deal, but a theory that i had about the ministry's detection of underage magic turned out to be right
thisgirliknow4: maybe there were originally 7 horcrux objects, because he had no body in which to store his own
thisgirliknow4: oh
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: i figured that the ministry weren't actually able to determine who had done magic, only that there was magic done at a certain time and place
thisgirliknow4: that they can only tell if magic is being performed where it shouldnt be, they can't tell whos dpomg ot
thisgirliknow4: yeah
thisgirliknow4: *doing it
andiTUT: there were too many small instances of underage wizards doing magic in areas where there were plenty of wizards
andiTUT: that, and if they could tell who did it, harry obviously would not have been blamed for dobby's magic trick
andiTUT: i don't know if you were here when i was discussing this with sara
thisgirliknow4: hmm
andiTUT: but i think it extremely odd that out of the blue lavender has decided that she likes ron
andiTUT: and that suddenly harry is totally in love with ginny
thisgirliknow4: Ron got on the quidditch team
thisgirliknow4: maybe he got hotter
andiTUT: maybe
thisgirliknow4: I dont think harry liked Ginny as much as he thought he did
thisgirliknow4: Ginny used to like HIM
thisgirliknow4: I think that he was just jealous of Dean
andiTUT: i don't think so
thisgirliknow4: I mean
andiTUT: i think that the way the two of them behaved when they finally did start dating each other showed more than just a little crush
andiTUT: on both their parts
thisgirliknow4: I think he certainly liked Ginny
thisgirliknow4: but I think it wouldnt have happened so much if it wasnt for Ginny dating someone else
andiTUT: i hope they get back together
thisgirliknow4: it didnt mention much about when they were together
andiTUT: maybe ginny dating dean was the catalyst
thisgirliknow4: it was just like, "during the next three weeks, harry was happy"
thisgirliknow4: I hope they do, too
andiTUT: i hope ginny stubbornly refuses to leave his side
thisgirliknow4: but I think until Voldie is dead, that will be Harry's only conquest
andiTUT: like ron and hermione
thisgirliknow4: yeah :-\
thisgirliknow4: I can see why he doesnt want her to
andiTUT: but jk is totally not allowed to kill them off
andiTUT: nobody that i love gets to snuff it
thisgirliknow4: I mean, just because Voldie likes to attack friends and family
thisgirliknow4: you should write to her and let her know
andiTUT: i will
thisgirliknow4: end every sentence with "...right, Bitch?"
thisgirliknow4: heh
andiTUT: i'm afraid that one of the twins might see his early demise
thisgirliknow4: nooo
thisgirliknow4: I'm so proud of them
andiTUT: i think the weasley family has had it coming, they've had so many close calls
thisgirliknow4: so glad that their mother is proud too
thisgirliknow4: man, if I were Harry
andiTUT: i really really do not want anythign to happen to any of them
thisgirliknow4: right now I'd be making batches and batches of Felix Felicis
andiTUT: except maybe percy
thisgirliknow4: not to take forever to make him constantly giddy
andiTUT: seriously
thisgirliknow4: but enough to killl voldie
thisgirliknow4: but of course you know voldie's got something like that going on
andiTUT: transfigure all my friends into something extremely tough
andiTUT: and small
thisgirliknow4: he's a very accomplished wizard
andiTUT: and then put them in a box
andiTUT: and lock it
andiTUT: and put it in another box
andiTUT: with an even bigger lock
thisgirliknow4: I know that if he knew about something like that he'd do it
thisgirliknow4: (this reminds me of a scene in the emperor's new groove)
andiTUT: yes
thisgirliknow4: "and then I'd mail it to myself and then I'd SMASH IT"
thisgirliknow4: heh
thisgirliknow4: of course, you wouldnt do that to your friends
andiTUT: well, hopefully that's not what harry would do
thisgirliknow4: OH!
andiTUT: we should make bracelets that say what would harry do
thisgirliknow4: holy crap, so the HBP's potions book is 50 years old
thisgirliknow4: Snapes not that old
thisgirliknow4: hes the same age as the marauders
andiTUT: no, it belonged to his mother, remember?
thisgirliknow4: and I really don't think they were there around the same time as Voldie
thisgirliknow4: WHAT?
thisgirliknow4: I theorized that, that thats how she was so good at potions
andiTUT: his mother was a witch with the surname of prince
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: but did the book belong to her?
thisgirliknow4: I missed that
andiTUT: snape's mother was a witch name prince
thisgirliknow4: I know
thisgirliknow4: Eileen prince
andiTUT: yeah, there was a slight mention of it at the end i believe
thisgirliknow4: I just didnt realize that she had owned the book
andiTUT: hermione telling us once again that she was right
thisgirliknow4: my only explanation was that maybe Snape had bought the book second hand, and then written in it
thisgirliknow4: I know, I know that.
thisgirliknow4: I'm just taling about th efact that the book was 50 years old
thisgirliknow4: *talking
andiTUT: no, i'm pretty sure they said it belonged to his mother first
andiTUT: though i think he was responsible for all the notes
andiTUT: i'm sad that bill is ugly now
thisgirliknow4: aww
andiTUT: but i'm glad that fleur isn't a complete bitch, who only liked him for his looks
thisgirliknow4: I dont think hes that ugly
thisgirliknow4: wolves can be hot
thisgirliknow4: yeah
andiTUT: i like lupin better anyway
thisgirliknow4: better than Bill or better than you did?
andiTUT: better than bill
andiTUT: i've always loved lupin
andiTUT: but i do love him more every time i see him
thisgirliknow4: I was alittle mad at him when he told Tonks that she didnt want to be with him
thisgirliknow4: but I forgave him when they held hands
andiTUT: i really have to go to sleep now
andiTUT: i think i've exhausted all of my immediate thoughts on book six
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: have a good night
andiTUT: and i have to be awake tomorrow, after all
andiTUT: good night
andiTUT has left the room.

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