Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Today's Plan... dum da da DUM! and other stuff

Foremost (but not first), need to return Josh's hat. He works till 4, I think, so I'll go over there after he's off. Currently deciding whether it'll be civil and frosty, or emotionally heart-wrenching. I think those are my only two choices.

This evening, 7 or 8, depending on when he gets off work, Sly and I are going to watch 12 Angry Men. He'd never seen it before, and I think it's something everyone should watch-- but especially lawyers. I wish it wouldnt be such a debacle if he came over here. My monitor is bigger :). Plus, he could help me fold my clothes (something I've done with him like a billion times). Seriously, my clothes have been clean but not put away for like 3 days now. Odd, considering I actually like folding clothes.

Sabrina is house-sitting in Quincy, and we talked about going to Dreams to get me fitted for my bridesmaids dress, but I desperately do not want to drive all the way out there to pick her up, and then drive all the way out there to take her back. Even if she gives me gas money, I don't even have enough gas to GET THERE.

I stayed up pretty late last night talking to masterwolf, a friend I haven't seen since middle school. He's coming to HBP's release party Friday, so I'll get to finally talk to him in person. It's been SEVEN YEARS. Holy crap I'm old.

I really need to figure out bank account stuff. I put things off way too long when I want to avoid them. Sigh.

Anyone want to go to Crispers for dinner? I'm in the mood for their Thai salad. MMmmm edamame.
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