Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Not counting this one, four posts in three days. And nothing much of value, either. What's wrong with me? I guess I've been busy, even though it hasn't seemed like it. Spending time with my parents. With friends. Watching downloaded movies. Cleaning. Oh, and I got my plane ticket and such for my trip to Atlanta the 19th through the 22nd. Americorps Training and such. It should be fun.

Went shopping today with my mom. Looked for suits (I'm in such a skirt suit mood) and sundresses (sundress mood too) and ended up with a shirt, jeans, black pants, and a bra. I tried on a couple suits and other stuff. It feels nice to have other reasons not to buy something other than "its too small." For awhile there, that was the only thing keeping me from buying stuff. Now that I'm thinner I can be more picky I guess.

Tonight Indira and I got free food at Red Lobster (you can't top cheese biscuits). Flirting with waiters ALWAYS works. Heck yeah. Though, I kinda let Indira take the reins on this one. She and Hoyt were totally hitting it off, and she was being her crazy "ask random questions about relationships" self. I totally left her number for him. She totally almost decked me for it.

Tonight I wore the only sundress I DO have (though it isnt very sunny, its black with pink polka dots).

Friday night: The Plan

5:30 Arrive at Barnes and Noble, wait in line for wristband
6:00 Wristbands (with numbers on them) are handed out
(Melissa and Sara leave)
7:30 Party starts
9:00 Melissa and Sara arrive fashionably late to party, in costume
11:00 Line forms (according to wristband number) to buy "the book"
12:00 Line starts to move

Aaaand thennnnnn HPHBP!
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