Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

No one came over. Either I couldn't get in touch with them, they had previous plans, or I had already made plans when I talked to them.. that have now fallen through.

But it's just as well. This grouper is phenomenal, and I don't think I would have wanted to share. I think it's also the best orzo I've ever made. Man, when I am cooking for myself, I go all out. :) ::Eats enough for two people::

Bah, I lied the grouper. Not about its fabulousness but about how much I can eat of it. I have two options. Refrigerate and eat for leftovers, or give some to the cute muppet that keeps staring at it longingly. Cute muppet has sensitive stomach. I think I'll just save it for tomorrow's lunch or something.

Sara's coming over in about an hour. Village Inn angst awaits. On a side note, I love the word angst. Plus, it reminds me of Harry Potter. When the fifth book came out, I was in Connecticut, and Sara started it, and she let me know, "He's all angsty." Permanent association. Oh, and may I say, "NINE MORE DAYS"?

My stuff came in for Americorps. I have to go pick it up tomorrow at the library. Plane ticket, itinerary, paperwork for the meetings I'll attend... Didn't get a chance to talk to Mrs. Lauricella, but thats what her message said. I guess I'll call tomorrow morning and let her know when I can come pick it up, talk out the conference, see if there's specific stuff I need to learn, etc.

Really wish I was more over Rob. Really. I heard one of his songs yesterday (silly me has yet to erase it from my ipod) and hearing his voice still makes me feel all queasy. Le sigh.
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