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Jul. 5th, 2005

My mom has a friend named Alice (who many of you know, she's the 80 something spry one), who has been at odds with her daughter Babette for years. Babette seems to think that constant phone calls to my mother will fix this. She called tonight about twelve times, no exaggeration. All between 11 and midnight, when my mom is very tired and has to get up at 5 am (they are leaving for camp in the morning). Finally I answered the phone and told Babette that my mom was sleeping. She told me to make sure to tell my mom that she was going to die, either because of minor knee surgery, or because the brakes in her car don't work. She makes mountains out of molehills. She asked me what the exact message I was going to give to my mother was, and I repeated "that you are going to die." Deborah (and my mom) cracked up.. Babette informed me that it wasn't absoLUTELY certain, but likely.

I asked my mom why Babette kept calling her, and she said, "How many times would you be polite to this woman?" I got her point. I guess my mom is the only one who is remotely nice to her anymore, which is of course, fabulous for the rest of our family, who get to lose our mother 60 hours a week to a crazy woman.

I'm really downplaying this situation. It's much worse.

In much better news, I am officially a bridesmaid in Sabrina's wedding, in a mere THREE MONTHS. They decided on October, a civil wedding (not officially a Mormon wedding till they get sealed next year, after Sab has been Mormon for a year). Congratulations again, MR. WHITE! ;)



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Jul. 6th, 2005 11:58 am (UTC)
Ugh. I wouldn't put up with it. Explain to Babette that Mom is tired, and has a lot of family obligations, and unless she slacks off on the phone calls you're going to... block her number? Ask Mom not to talk to her? Just quietly leave her on hold until she gives up?

Congrats to Sabrina. What's involved in becoming a Mormon? Is she taking conversion classes, giving up caffeine and alcohol, etc?
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