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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Bluberry picking and Fourth of July rambles. A real post!

Blueberry picking yesterday was so much fun. It was my dad, mom, me, Josh, Deborah, Sarah L, Gerald Grow, Stefan, and Stefan's girlfriend Kristen. Josh and I rode down with Stefan and Kristen, and it was nice to talk to Stefan after all these years. Sure, he's become an insufferable frat boy, but we were once incredibly close (best friends till we were seven or so). It was nice to realize that when you don't see people, they still grow up. I hope that makes sense.

It was incredibly hot and disgusting out there, even though it was early morning. The humidity and therefore sweat was unbearable at times. Fortunately for us, the blueberries thrive on us being miserable (or atleast the cause-- heat and humidity). We picked TONS. Josh and I claimed that we won the contest (no such thing existed) because we were doing a fabulous picking job, until my dad fille dup a bowl bigger than ours by himself. And then we reclaimed our title when we realized my dad had been picking EVERYTHING. You see, Josh and I were very selective in our screening process. "Are you a blueberry? Are you blue? " basically. My dad was not so selective, as we found leaves, twigs, green blueberries, red blueberries....Anyway, we weeded out the bad ones. Now, with the good ones left? We've been freezing them, cookie sheet by cookie sheet before putting them in a big plastic thing in the freezer. We kept out a bunch of fresh ones (ten Publix blueberry containers worth, or so). I'm already planning on pie, cobbler, pancakes, and whatever else I can get out of them.

I spent some time yesterday after we got home looking for recipes. Then wrote out a shopping list with all that, plus other groceries we needed, since my mom mentioned she was going to Publix. Apparently she forgot the list and got nothing that I wanted/needed. One of the things she DID remember was some OTC acid reflux medicine. And it worked! I ate spaghetti last night, and I'm absolutely fine :)

I'm only up right now because I slept most of yesterday afternoon. Sly spent the weekend in Jacksonville, but I thought he was coming back yesterday afternoon, so after blueberry picking I didn't plan anything else. Anyway, he decided to stay another day, and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. It felt so. good. Then I thought since I had slept most of the afternoon, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. But then I fell asleep right around ten o'clock. I was so proud of me :)

But you see, I am awake now, so the laudation can stop. Padfoot kicks in his sleep, and woke me up around 3:30, and I haven't been able to fall back into my dreamless wonder. Not that I tried. First thing I did was check and see if the internet was back up. We turned off all the computers during the insanely crazy thunderstorm earlier today. My dad didn't turn the DSL back on till sometime after ten (when I fell asleep). I can't believe I was away from LJ for more than 12 hours and that I only have like 14 new posts. That's prime posting time, people! 3 pm to 3 am is usually when most of you guys are rambling on about crazy stuff. I wanted to read it! I love crazy stuff!

Today, we have a barbeque at the Robinson's house (friends from the synagogue). This will be the first year in a long time that I myself will not be lighting fireworks. Last year Rob, Raju, Brian, Jon, and I watched them on the 3rd, the ones being set off in Fletcher Field, and then on the 4th, Rob and I lit them at The Woods. I guess the year before that, I was driving down to Justin and Matt's party, and I didn't specifically light them myself, but saw some lit. Andrea, do you remember what we did the year before that? Did we even spend it together? We had met like two days before. All I remember is that we had a day off only a few days into the summer semester.

Anyway, every year before that my family had lit them, generally with the Daniels family. Indira is in Jakan this year for the fourth, so we can't bring back that old tradition. I'm likely going to go watch fireworks with Sly at Tom Brown, depending if he actually comes back today or if he decides to stay in Jacksonville yet another day, not only screwing up the 4th of July plans, but also screwing over birthday plans. Again. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, I guess.

And now for a grammar poll.
Poll #525840 Spaces to start a new sentence. PSSC or PSC?

Do you put one or two spaces in between sentences?

PSSC - Period Space Space Capital letter
PSC - Period Space Capital Letter
Two spaces only in formal documents
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