Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Someone at my synagogue who died had the last name of Goldschlagger. I thought that was amusing. I'm glad I didn't laugh during the Mourner's Kaddish.

Also, met new-to-the-synagogue law student Keith. Seems like a nice enough guy. I was sitting behind him in the service, and decided to talk to him afterwards, but then after the service he was just kinda hanging out in the sanctuary, staring at the ark, so I decided to let him do that for a little while and not interrupt. By the time I had realized he was back, both Shannon and Sarah K.(girls at my synaogue a year older than me, but same school-grade) had pounced on him. It was almost sickening. I haven't seen either of them at the synagogue for about three years, which means they were probably invited to Sarah C's Bat-Mitzvah this weekend... which means that I will also see them tonight, at the party, which I am looking forward to less and less. I'll know synagogue people, but that tends to be parents and children, not many people my age. Except for of course, Shannon and Sarah. I'd hang out with Deborah, but.. this is Deb's best friend's party. All of her synagogue AND her school friends are there. So even if I was willing to embark on that, I don't think Little Sister would appreciate it that much. So then I'd hang out with my mom... BUT my mom's going to her high school reunion in St. Augustine* tonight** I'm sure I'll dance atleast once with my dad, but he'll be talking to HIS friends. Blarg. I wish it was the type of party that I could bring a friend to, but its an RSVP'd sit down dinner, which equals no.

So anyway, it's just going to be awkward. Especially with my weirdo tan line that shows because my dress is low in the back. I'll make up for that fact with the fabulous fact that it looks fabulously fantastic on me.

*No, she didn't go to school in St. Aug. Her high school was in Belle Glade, but who would ever want to go there? Apparently not the class of '70, because they are holding their reunion in St. Augustine.

**And taking Bob with her (Bob being my car, for those who have still not figured it out), because she doesn't trust her own car on trips anymore. Luckily I won't be stranded though, I'll have the LUMAZINE for the weekend (The Lumazine being my mom's car, a Chevy Lumina, that I have driven many a times, and in which have had some fabulous foursome*** fun).

***(Getting to prom)
Sara: Turn left!
Indira: Turn right!
Melissa (whips head around): HYPOCRITE!
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