Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Alrighty. Last night.

Met Joseph at Snookers around 9:30 or so. Joseph had cut the hair and shaved the goatee-- I don't think I had ever seen him looking so clean-cut. We talked for a bit outside till Bobby rberrien28 and Sarah sarahberr05 got there. Then played for a few hours, all the while wondering when the heck Sabrina nikita9041 and Ken would finally show up. Sucked at pool as always, but both Bobby and Sarah turned out to be fairly good-- I was v. impressed.

We played boys against girls, and thanks to 8 balls going in wrong pockets and cue balls going in during final shots (on their part) Sarah and I won about half the time. Considering the boys were better than us, we consider this an accomplishment :). Then again, I consider hitting the ball an accomplishment. It's funny, sometimes when I play pool, I'm absolutely incredible. Other times.. I'm really really not. This was a "really really not" night.

Talked and laughed about how some of our shots were more "push broom" like than if we were holding a pool cue. Sabrina and Ken finally showed up around 11:30, and it turns out Ken's a freaking shark. So he and Joseph bonded over pool lingo and plays whilst the rest of us tried to hold our own non-pool conversation. Sarah and Sabrina finally met, though I guess they didn't get to talk much, because about twenty minutes after Sab and Ken showed up, Bobby and Sarah (the LOSERS!!) went home to go to sleep. A little after they left, we played 9-ball, and then Sabrina and Ken left (supposedly to go to sleep), and Joseph and I headed off to VI for foooood.

I had made dinner for my family right before I left, but didn't get a chance to eat, so I was starving the whole time. Showed Joseph state pictures (they happened to be in my car), ate food, then went outside and talked for freaking hours. Well, part of the time outside, but mostly it was raining, so we sat in Bob (my car) and just caught up on EVERYTHING. Talked about why our relationship didn't work out originally (we discovered it was not seeing eachother enough, and perhaps religion.. I'm not sure if those were ALL the reasons I broke up with him though). Sabrina called at one point to say that Ken had just left her apartment (a-woo-woo) and we talked to her via speakerphone, the three of us, for a little while. Talked even more (we have never had this much to talk about before, but I guess we never really talked these past four years since we broke up). Finally around 4:30 AM it got to be just a little too late, and I desperately needed some sleep, so I left and went home.

I'm supposed to see him today again before he leaves (to go back to Destin/Niceville, where he lives now) but I'm sick as a dog. If I were reading this entry aloud as I was typing it, it would be punctuated every six words or so with a loud haneous cough. Yikes. I feel miserable and I'm not going anywhere, but I don't want to seem like I'm blowing him off :(

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