Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

In addition to having a fabulous time at the beach with my ex-fag, my fag, and my fellow fag-hag, Sara gave me copies of her State pictures.

I found one, from a Mexican restaurant that Sara, Caitlin, Justin and I went to. Everyone else had already eaten dinner, but the four of us had been busy with various (different) things (open certamen and casino night specifically) Afterwards we took a picture outside the restaurant. Sara took the picture. I remember carefully deciding that Caitlin should be in the middle, and I should be on one side, and then Justin several paces away on the other side. Nothing was going on between Justin and I at this point at all, but I remember thinking, "when Rob sees these pictures, he's going to flip that I was at dinner with him, I better not stand anywhere near him." Stupid eggshells, trying to make HIM happy.

And speaking of Rob, I was totally freaked out that I would have to call him this evening. Padfoot and Kelev decided to go for a joy run, and my dad and I couldn't find them for a half hour or so. Unfortunately the tag Padfoot has has ROB's number on it. Despite whether Rob wants Padfoot or not, I know he would love to throw bad parenting in my face in addition to the other accusations he's made. I wrote our home number again in permanent marker on Padfoot's tag, but I had done that once before, and it was all gone. So tomorrow that's my first order of business. A new dog tag for my baby. I was really upset when he was missing, I started crying. I love Padfoot so much.

I think I need to learn a G, D, A, and another.. E? chord to learn to play a song on guitar for Deb's party.

Oh, and yucky news. My phone was shut off, I haven't paid the bill in two months (though I overpaid that time). Of course, this is because I haven't had a JOB in two months. I hate this.
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