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*:A. How many years have you been on the planet? Twenty
*:A. What are three phrases you use at least daily? "dude...," "whats up?" and "oh, blah"
*:A. Are you a survey addict? Not really, but when I see one that's different from the norm I usually do it.
*:A. Do you have an online journal that you use regularly? Yup. You're reading it.
*:A. Are you one of those people that are constantly applying lotion and/or chapstick? no, but I need more chapstick more often
*:A. Name any mental disorders you ahve been diagnosed with: none...
*:A. Ever freeze someone's underwear? I think we tried to at a friend's birthday party, but it took too long.. so then they just had cold, wet, underwear.
*:A. Name one thing you only do/act like/wear/etc. because someone else thinks you should: I only do dishes to please other people. Otherwise, I would make someone else. Always.
*:A. Would you consider yourself random? The lint and I agree-- yes.
*:A. Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have the tags on them? Not possible; all my clothes are in baskets or on the floor. Yup. A couple things I bought from Forever 21, and a few of my dresses.
*:A. Do you doodle all over your papers/homework? Not anymore, but I used to
*:A. Do you write down phone messages/notes on your hands? Nope. Always on the pad of paper on the refrigerator.
*:A. What do you think of those Kidz Bop commericals: Huh?
*:A. What CDs in your collection are you ashamed to admit you own? I don't own it, but I'm a little embarrased about listening to Ashlee Simpson!
*:A. Got any toe socks? One pair that I just found, from years ago.
*:A. Do you find that you borrow from your friends more or vice versa? "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" -- POlonius.
*:A. What time is it? 7:22 am
*:A. Does anybody really know what time it is? Tool Time?
*:A. Do you untie your shoelaces before taking them off? I don't have shoelaces... But if I was wearing tennis shoes, I guess it would depend how tired I was, if they were my own shoes (I would always untie someone elses) and a number of other factors.
*:A. Ever have random hallucinations? Not influenced by drugs-- but I get strange daydreams
*:A. Ever take your pet for a walk? Just did :)
*:A. Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry? I've cried over people I have loved... and I think I've cried happy tears when hearing that someone loves ME.
*:A. How much do you sleep? anywhere from 5-10 hours a night. It varies.
*:A. Do blondes annoy you in general? particular.. genres of people don't really annoy me. Certain persons do.
*:A. Ever done illegal drugs? nope, no drugs ever
*:A. Do you smoke? nope
*:A. Yell at your parents? Yeah...esp when I was told yesterday that I couldn't go to the beach because the waves were scary to my dad.
*:A. Compete with your siblings? Isn't that what life is about?
*:A. Listen to pop music? When it's on 98.9
*:A. What's your favorite lotion/ body wash/ cream/ perfume/ cologne/ etc? I love Issey Miyake on a man (but it always reminds me of Jake). For me, I love the smell of cucumber melon stuff, most fruity things, and love the fragrance Lilu-- though I don't wear it. I'm allergic to most perfumes
*:A. Do you bruise easily? yeah. Someone will poke me in teh arm, and I'll turn black and blue from it.
*:A. Ever dated someone five years older (or more) than you? Yes. Five and a half years older
*:A. Ever dated someone five years younger (or more) than you? Nope. Youngest was 2.5 years younger (18 and alsmot 16 at the time)
*:A. What Hollywood celebrity annoys you the most? Paris Hilton... would you call her Hollywood?
*:A. What's your alcoholic drink of choice? good, sweet wine
*:A. Is settling down a major priority for you? not a priority anytime soon. When I become an old maid it will be
*:A. Physically, are you usually cold or warm? I guess warm.. I like being comfortable, which I am most of the time... because I can't really feel temperature very much
*:A. Ever been so depressed that you didn't shower, do the dishes, clean up anything, answer your phone or move from your couch for more than a couple days? maybe for one day
*:A. Ever do volunteer work? uhh yeah. Lots of it. For Bright Futures. For fun. For programs my mom was working on. FOr the next year with Americorps.
*:A. Do you remember the Care Bear craze? Not really, though I do have a CareBear.
*:A. Remember pogs? Yes. They were ever so annoying to me.
*:A. Remember when that gymnast sprained her ankle in the summer Olympics, 1996? Uh huh. Wasn't it on the front page of the Tally Dem? Kim something?
*:A. Remember what you were doing yesterday at this time? sleeeeeping.
*:A. What year were you born? 1984!
*:A. Do you paint your nails? Not normally, but I did yesterday because I found some pink sparkly stuff. Ya'll know how I can't resist that.
*:A. Would you rather have a one-on-one converstaion or go to a party? One-on-one, usually.

Hmm.. so I just read Liz's survey, who Jonathan had ganked it from. He left out a question, that I would have loved to answer with a frikkin essay. I won't say what it is. Johnny, you know.


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May. 29th, 2005 08:31 am (UTC)
I caught that too. Hmmm...
May. 29th, 2005 09:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, left out two questions actually. Didn't like how they didn't really fit the rest of the survey in terms of being more on the serious side.

Plus I didn't want to have to deal with everyone flaming me because of my extremely opposite viewpoint on that one question.

(Just kidding! :D)

Keri (Kerri?) Strug is the squeaky-voiced gymnast. I preferred Miss Moceanu, personally, before she went pyscho and such along with her parents.


May. 29th, 2005 10:14 am (UTC)
He just didn't want an LJ survey to be the place where he announced his impending nuptials with Wally. :-)
May. 29th, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC)
Directed towards Shanathon's comment: >=|

Oh, and remember Shanathon, you're the one taking one for the team so I can throw a bachelor party! Don't worry, as per our agreement the other night, we'll get you wasted the night before the big day so you can get through it easier. ;)
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