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Rest In Peace... almost

Bagel, the dog we've had since before I can remember, is dying. We thought he was already gone, but his stomach is still moving up and down. His eyes are glazed over (I shut them for him) and he's completely stiff...This is really hard. My dad's sitting out there with him. He's on the deck, in the shade, curled up in a blanket (we did the curling... he can't move at all). We talked about putting him down, but then he would have to be creamated.. and Vivi wants him to be buried here (it's her dog).

You know, Bagel wasn't always very nice to me. He snarled and growled, and I was afraid of him for much of my life. I jokingly said earlier that it's a good thing that all dogs go to Heaven... but maybe Bagel would be there anyway.. he just wanted to be left alone sometimes, and I should have understood that.

I'll update again if anything happens. I've spent the past hour moving Bagel, and then crying on the phone with Vivi, Matthew, and my mom.

He's fifteen and a half. He was born November 21, 1989, making him almost exactly five years younger than I am. That makes him a hundred and eight, if he were a human. I know he's very old, and he's been on a slow decline for a few years now. I just can't imagine life without him...


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May. 25th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
I know exactly how you feel.

2 months after I was born, my 20ish year old cousin (at the time) brought home a young daschund puppy for me to grow up with. But the puppy instantly bonded with my mother. He never snarled at me, but we weren't exactly close. Especially when I found Thump a few years after we moved to Pompano Beach. He is my dog, Barney was mom's dog.

Time went on and on and on. Barney passed 10, 12, 15...I went off to college, and always sort of worried I'd be here when he finally passed.

This last year, he was 21...it got rough. He developed a growth on the side of his face (non-cancerous) that we had removed. He went 95% blind and was very lethargic. A lot of times we'd find him just standing in front of something like a pillow or standing in a corner...he couldn't remember how to get past it. The family had decided...Barney had earned the right to go out on his terms.

Then, I got the call (or IM, if you will). Noone was in the house (James, Richard, and Tanya had gone to work, Mom went shopping). Barney went out to the backyard and found a rug we had laid over a hole in the yard. He was gone when Mom got back.

Some advice:
Bagel is likely to pass when few or no people are home. Dogs understand the love their owners have for them, and will drag themselves on till noone has to watch them die. It may be a shock to come home and find Bagel gone, but it really is better than watching it happen.

It's a little easier when the dog has been around a while. In some ways, you feel relieved. Barney was...not suffering, but not happy. But it'll still hurt...even for those like us that were not that close to them.

If you wanna talk old dogs...give me an IM.
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