Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

When we left off, we had found out that Sarah Thompson is roomates with a girl named Heather, who works at Village Inn. I knew Heather would be working tonight (Sara told me) so I planned to be tehre to talk to her. Holy crap was I surprised when I saw frikkin Sarah T sitting at a table! I hadn't seen her since 10th grade! Indira and I sat with her for awhile, then they were eating so we left them alone, and then Sarah came back to sit with me and Dips again. It was so weird. We caught up, and everything's cool. Talked about old friends, talked about current life situations.. mostly about Indira's minister situation. It was great, though Sarah definitely picked up some sort of southern drawl from somehwere... I swear that didn't exist before...

Also met really cool 40-something year old Greg, who help Indira figure out some minister stuff. Turns out he's Jewish and used to go to Chabad.

The whole night was completely random, exactly how I like it. Yay for salsa dancing in the bathroooom!

Oh, and I was totally rocking the straight hair today. I think I even rocked it enough to do it again tomorrow. Three days in a row! The dilemma is thus: If I take a shower tonight, I absolutely HAVE to straighten my hair in the morning, which means an hour less sleep-- becuase if I sleepon it wet, it will not look pretty curly at ALL> If I take a shower in the MORNING, curling my hair would be easy, but it would definitely be my only choice.

I think I'm showering tonight, and waking up early to straighten. I need to shave my legs anyway, and thats never a good idea when you're half awake in the morning.

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