Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

pandora48sch (Sara) has big news. I get to find out tomorrow at noon. I'm excited.

What else? Didn't go out at all today. Stayed home and worked on Deb's invitations (for about eight hours) -- which by the way, I barely got a thank you for-- and then I got resentment when I asked her to get all of the extra stuff out of my room. It's rough being a big sister. It will hopefully be worth it when I get to throw candy in her face after her Haftorah.*

I need more clothes like whoa. Firstly because I need more business-like attire for my Americorps service, and secondly because all of my clothing is too big. Maybe it was the borderline anorexia when I didn't eat for awhile after the break-up that made me lose weight, but I've kept it off pretty well. Hard manual labor (moving furniture, etc)+ no groceries + forgetting to eat (that's always been a problem of mine) have made me lose more than ten pounds since Gainesville. I think after another ten more I'll try to stay that weight. I eat fairly healthfully and get pretty regular exercise, so if I stay healthy and happen to lose more than another ten pounds, it won't be the end of the world, but I'd rather stay more curvy. Besides, I think I'd look freaky if I was any smaller than that.

My mom left me a little bit of money, which is nice. Since I don't know exactly when my job is going to start, I can't get another job, and it's pretty awful not having ANY money and always having to ask for money for gas, or other essential items. I can't wait till I have my own money come mid-June at my first paycheck.

Any other random thoughts? Not really. Just being anti-social and generally upset at today's events. And the non-neighbor Chris keeps calling me. Like four times a day. He's not seeming to get the picture. Why do girls always have to spell it out?

*After the Bar or Bat Mitzvah recites their Haftorah (and then the blessings afterwards) it is the tradition in my and many other synagogues to "shower" the person with sweetness-- generally a few pieces of candy in a pretty mesh bag or something. Then all the little kids run up and collect all the bags. Of course, MATTHEW, no one is supposed to actually HIT the Bat-Mitzvah girl. ::Feels to see if she still has a bruise::

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