Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I hate raisin bran, and I hate whole milk, but I'm looking past both those things as I eat my cereal, because its a miracle that someone finally went grocery shopping! Between all the construction, my mom being out of town for a conference and then leaving to go to Maryland for a week (visiting Matthew and Kalina)... well, we haven't gotten too many "normal" things done.

Oh, remember how I said before that we didn't have a sink yet? Well, we do. We did then, too. What I thought was a white plastic "this is where the sink will go" thing turned out to be the actual sink-- and not plastic at all. It's super-ugly, but seamless... so that's cool. Yay for having running water.

Currently I'm (well, writing an LJ entry) doing all Deborah's invitations. Printing out addresses on envelopes (this took well over two hours, and I only had addresses for about haf the people), stuffing envelopes, cutting reply cards, putting stamps on, printing reply envelopes. It's amazing that my mother can leave town so guiltlessly and leave me to do all the work. I can't ask Deborah.. because it's her Bat-Mitzvah, her huge thing, and she's prepared so much for it I hate to ask her to help with the invitations.. and I can't ask my dad, because he's busy doing things like getting running water back in our house, and other necessary things.

Ew. I really do hate raisin bran. Why people eat sweet cereal is beyond me. The milk is sugary and gross, and the soppy pieces of bran remind me distinctly of vomit. I think I'm done with this now.

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