Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Living room: done (except for one area that still needs white over the old cream color)
My bedroom: done (peach with white trim... bee-yoo-tiful)
My dad's study: done
deck: almost done
floors: done
counters: sometime next week
parents bedroom: quite likely to be started when I get home

Have to start moving stuff back into my room today. Atleast put my new bedframe together. I guess I also need to paint my headboard and footboard, since they won't match my room in the slightest. I've been working crazy ten-hour days on our house and I'm incredibly exhausted.

Now that the boring stuff is over, the real news.

Last night Justin came by to drop Padfoot off* on his way to play pool... and REALLY got me in the pool mood. I wasn't planning on crashing his party/cramping his style, but we ended up at the same place... because for whatever reason she won't tell us, Indira's not allowed in Snookers! So we were all at Pockets.

It was so summer 2002. Probably one of the best summers of my life. Me, Indira, Sara, and Seana. We weren't in the Lumazine of course, but Bob (my car) proved to be a fine companion to the four of us (even though Sara drove her own car this time). I hadn't seen Seana in probably a year or so, and it was the first time the four of us had hung out in so long... it was great. We attempted to play pool (it took us an hour to finish one game, though I'm supercalifragilistically proud to say that by default I was the best player). Justin came over to our pool table and invited us to their area where they were drinking, eating, and watching drunk people sing karaoke. Kind of uncomfortable, it was a big group where I didn't really know anyone besides Justin (and Matt Green) but it was fine.

We left an hour later or so and went to VI (I knew we'd end up there. Gosh we're lame). Indira and I had gone before going to Pockets, also. That's TWICE. Again, lame. I told Brian the (gay) cook about the dream I had about him, and proceeded to be extremely embarrassed around him. Now for whatever reason I have a morbid** curiousity to find out if specific things from my dream are true. Obviously I'm not going to, but it's an interesting thought.

Hmmm... random stuff. My mom's at a conference in Orlando. My little sister is staying at friends houses the rest of this week. My dad told me before we left for Pockets that pool halls are not good places to meet guys. He doesn't like the "type of crowd" that hangs out there. What crowd... college students? Besides, I don't think he gets the whole I'm not ready to meet guys thing. I'm not looking for my nice Jewish boy. For goodness sakes, I just got out of a long-term very serious relationship less than a month ago.

Still having trouble living under my parents roof. This morning my dad called around ten to yell at me for not being home yet... I got the message later. I didn't answer the phone at ten because I was sleeping.. AT HOME. I left a note on the counter saying I was in Deborah's room. I had gotten home around 2. I guess the moral of the story is that I should always wake up the 'rents when I get home from somewhere. It's awfully hard to be doing this again after years of being on my own.

La de da. Americorps stuff!

I turned in alllll the papers. Like 50 pages total. I think I wrote my name and the date so many times I started to forget what they were. Now I just have to wait for my references to a) say they will be references, and b) send in the papers. It's not like a normal reference letter. It's a five page long comprehensive exam, complete with essay questions. Okay, so it's not an exam, but it's extremely long and weird. I guess Americorps wants to make sure that I'm absolutely the right person for the job (though my supervisor told me that unless my background check was awful, that it was extremely unlikely they wouldn't hire me at this point). After the reference letters are in, my supervisor will send in everything to the gov't, and then a week later or so I can start. The excitement is wearing off from the novelty of Americorps, and it's just starting to seem like a regular job-- that I get paid less than a pittance for. I just have to keep realizing in my mind that it's a wonderful thing to do-- to help other people so selflessly. LBJ had a great quote about that... I think he was even referring to Americorps... I have no idea what the quote was, though. Google is not being helpful :(

I think I'm going to go look around the library now. Find some young adult easy reads to help relax me, or something.

*he watched him for awhile because Padfoot couldn't be home while they were building the deck outside and we were painting inside

**I typed "morbig" at first. I like the sound of that word. I think I will use it in the future to mean "big morbid." What do you think?

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