Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I'm out on the porch (the only place where the wireless is working right now) on Vivi's computer. her neighbor just walked out, and asked how the graduation went, I said that it went well. He then said, "So now you're official!" It took me a second, but I replied that, no, my older sister was official, adding, "we look a lot alike." We don't look THAT much alike, but poor neighbor guy thinking I was Vivi!

Anyway, so yeah, I'm out on the porch. Vivi's getting ready, and everyone else is still asleep. We're having a barbeque at 12:30, and then afterwards we'll all be heading home. I feel as if I want to get ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

Ended up leaving Tallahassee after 5, despite hurrying home to meet everyone at 4 so we could leave. The trip was uneventful. We stopped at Dobb's in Dothan where Debbie and Dad ate. Actually, we all ate, but I suppose Melissa and Mommy should have waited for Montgomery. We got a little too happy with the alphabet-gameness. Also played the singing alphabet game, where you think of a song for each letter.

We got here around 10:30 Birmingham time, and stayed up fairly late playing Trivial Pursuit (90s edition-- the most "trivial" of decades"). The game was of course fun, but the questions are so random so we weren't doing incredibly well. But the good news is, NO one was doing well. We played girls against boys :). Since we had elected to come Thursday instead of Friday, my parents stayed here that night. We woke up Friday, and Vivi and my parents went to their little honors luncheon thing whilst Matthew Deborah and I walked to a restaurant called Rojo's. Great hamburgers, but it's been bugging me that I can't figure out what flag was hanging. They had several flags, but this particular one was dark blue with randomly sized and placed stars, and in the upper corner there was a small British flag. Anyone know whose that is? We assumed it was Latin American, like the restaurant, but what Latin American country was once owned by Britian?

Friday afternoon we all went over to the hotel where my parents are staying, to swim in the pool. Vivi and I got down there first. We got into the bath. I mean, the pool. With bathwater. Hotter than a comfortable bath, a little cooler than a hot tub (actually about the same temperature as the hot tub at the hotel). Hot water makes people lazy. We were hardly doing laps or playing Marco Polo.

We went to Publix to pick up stuff for dinner. Ended up getting falafel makings, pita bread, hummus, etc. Made some greek salad and some Israeli salad to go with it, and yay! Great dinner.

Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed, hung out for awhile, went to the park to do cartwheels (yup.... but very badly) and waited for my parents to finish at Walmart where they were looking at paint samples (yes, while we were waiting). Made some subs for lunch, and then Alan, Vivi's boyfriend showed up. All went to the graduation in the van (yay for seven seats). Vivi was holding the Public Health flag so it was easy to find her. We cheered for Vivi (of course) and for the two or three other "Abrams" lastnamers there. One guy (an Abrams) with gold shoes totally started clogging on the stage. Another guy fell. The graduation was fairly short, and not too uninteresting. I amused myself by looking for all the crazy names in the program.

Then we came back here to the house, hung out more, and then went to dinner. We went to P.F. Chang's, a Chinese "Bistro" aka an American Chinese Restaurant. I was personally very impressed, and I don't particularly like chinese food at all. The best part of the dinner was what happened afterwards, though. There was a concert in the middle of the parking lot. The Alabama Symphony Orchestra, I believe. They played tons of showtunes that we all identified. Stuff from Camelot, Meet Me In St Louis, Singin in the Rain, Ethel Merman songs.. it was pretty awesome.

Came back here, played Balderdash. I'm totally sloom in my aeolistic blumba. AND I have some blumba in my belly button. Hopefully it doesn't have any sloom in it. The saynay said it wouldn't, but I'm anteambulo. Ahh. I was doing really well at the beginning but ended up being beat by both Vivi and Matthew :(

And now it's Sunday morning. Vivi and I are going to Piggly Wiggly soon to pick up a few items for the barbeque that we forgot at Publix, and then making a "Classic Rock" playlist on her iPod, and then barbeque, and then home.

Now, for the home stuff. Apparently my parents decided to paint. Currently we have nothing upstairs (except in the kitchen) because we got all the hardwood floors redone (they look amazing, by the way). We haven't picked out exact colors yet but we have some good ideas. Anyway, so we won't be able to be in there for a few MORE days. I won't be able to anyway, considering that there's no furniture upstairs, and if I sleep downstairs I'll have crazy made allergies including my famous puffy face. So it's off to Indira's or somewhere else for me for the next few nights while they paint. Atleast our house is going to look fabulous AFTER this, right? It better, considering all the work we are putting into it. I'm REALLY excited to see the deck. I saw that they had torn down the old one, but this new one should be bigger, and much nicer. I'll have to put up the before and after shots so people can see. I took lots of "befores."

Took many pictures this weekend, too. I've been taking some on my phone and sending them to myself and others, but I also have tons on my digital camera. I'm interested to see how they all came out.

There's one particular picture I took of myself that I was very proud of... until Vivi said (and everyone else agreed) that it makes me look "of low intelligence." I'll definitely be sure to post that one, you guys will let me know the truth, yes?

Matthew came out and is sitting on his computer also checking his e-mail, and uploading pictures. There are actually some good ones. We're both coughing and or sneezing and or sniffling every few seconds. I guess the two of us definitely win for "most allergies" in the family. Vivi seems to be fine, and all Deborah does when she's sick/allergic is snore like a banshee (do banshees snore?). Believe me, I slept next to her these past three nights. I KNOW. And yay for her taking the middle of the air mattress, too.

Okay, Vivi's ready. Time for Alabama's greatest, the PIGGLY WIGGLY!

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