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Update on the counter:

So apparently they weren't coming yesterday to install a NEW counter. Just to measure. I have now learned it will be about two weeks befor ethe new counter is put in. Which leaves us without things such as, oh, a SINK, a STOVE, and a LIVING ROOM (since the living room is currently covered in kitchen stuff). Not only that, but my dad is having someone redo the floors next Wednesday night, so all the furniture has to have some place to go then, too. AND we're having teh deck re-built. It's been the same for sixteen years (when we moved into this house). Many of the boards were starting to get...rotten I guess, so my dad started re-doing it himself. But now he's giving up and having someone else do it, thank goodness. I'm glad they are making our house nicer, but at the same time.. why now? Why all at once? And the most selfish question of all, why do *I* have to do so much of the work?

Update on the arm:

Still pink, red, puffy, shiny, and disgusting. I can tell that it's healing, but I can also tell it will be an extremely slow healing process. I've been trying to either wear a bandage (gauze and gauze tape) or long sleeves, so I don't gross people out by accidentally showing it to them. It's not as painful as it was, but whenever it gets near heat (specifically hot water in a shower or bath it gets inflammed, and hurts a BUNCH.

Update on the Republican:

He hasn't called. Honestly, I think I'm glad. While he was very nice, I know I'm not ready to date anyone right now. That was probably very obvious to him, and I don't think he was much into the date either. Much better to hang out with him in groups, on an elementary school playground, in the middle of the night.

Update on Passover/food

Obviously we haven't been able to eat much, what with half our kitchen gone. I haven't really missed normal food. I haven't really missed food at all, actually. I haven't been eating much. I have completely lost my appetite, and the only reason I eat is because a) someone makes me b) I know I need the energy. I'm probably going to miss real food TONIGHT, though, because Sara and I are going to her cousin's bachelorette party. It's just a dinner at RoadHouse Grill, but should still be fun. Maybe I'll go back to my old Pesach self for a night, the one who will eat in restaurants. Obviously steak and a baked potato shouldbe alright, but the new "me" worries about the fact that the margarine on my potato won't have a hexture on it. That sort of thing. Yesterday was the day I ate the most food, since before State Latin. I had two pieces of gefilte fish, some grapes, string cheese, a piece of matzah, and a few (3 I think?) of the jelly fruit slices

Update on this weekend/...summer

I still have a strong longing to go to the beach. It's hard to find a day that's good for everyone, though. We may end up putting it off for awhile :( The weekend AFTER that I'm going to Birmingham for Vivi's graduation, and starting the next week, my mom is going to be out of town like every other week. A conference here, conference there, high school reunion there, etc. My dad will be in town most of the time, though. I think most of the time that I'm not working will be stuck doing everything to this house.

A non-update... merely a shopping list

~Curled Up (got2b spray gel for hair. Ran out, been using Fructis's curl spray.. not as good)
~Fructis shampoo and conditioner (running out)
~Coconut air freshener for car (smells like sunscreen!)

There were some other things too that I completely forgot. Le sigh.


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Apr. 29th, 2005 11:11 am (UTC)
*laugh* Keeping kosher on Passover isn't hard enough; so you get to try keeping kosher on Passover without using a stove or a kitchen sink? I figure Dad's trying to get everything done now so it will all be ready for Deborah's Bat Mitzvah party. Which sounds good but could backfire badly if everything is still lying around in pieces at that point. Naomi's friend Vail had a horrible time last year with contractors delaying work, not finishing things, etc.

Order the baked potato dry? Order fish instead of steak?
I'd say hold off on going to the beach until your arm heals. If heat makes it hurt, concentrated sunlight probably won't feel good either.

See you at Vivi's graduation:)
Apr. 29th, 2005 11:12 am (UTC)
Come visit me once I'm back in Melbourne and we'll go to the beach.
Apr. 29th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
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