Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Last night was a good, fun night. I wentto Village Inn, probably around.. 11ish? When I got there, the Republican was there with a cousin of his (also a 'Pub). (The Republican being the guy from this entry. Indira came too, and the four of us sat there for four hours, just talking, arguing, thinking, learning yet again that I have mesmerizing eyes, giving Indira a calf massage and then having her tickle my foot in the coolest way.... At any rate, it was fun. I forgot how amazing it was to be able to make new friends-- MALE friends, who normally I would have never talked to, because I would be scared that Rob would be jealous and paranoid.

If felt good to "philosophisize" with these people.

One of the other main things we talked about was the Friendship Code of Conduct (Subsection: Men). The invisible sheet of paper all girls are handed when they make friends. It's kind of like the ten commandments...

"Thou shalt not flirt with any person your friend liked first"
"Thou shalt not date someone who comes in between the friendship"
"Thou shall always tell details"

There are of course exceptions to the rule that girls begrudgingly admit. If one person likes a guy, and the other person likes that guy, and the guy likes the second person back, and there's the possibility of a real future, and the second girl talks to the first girl, occasionally things can be worked out. Not often.

Apparently boys have no such code, and just hope for the best. Girls have the code, revere it as holy when something happens to them, but break it as soon as they want something.
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