Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I feel like I'm giving off some sort of "I'm available" vibe-- one that I'm very not ready to give off yet. Maybe I just didn't notice it while I was dating Rob, but it seems like boys are being.. more flirty, more friendly.. I dunno. Or maybe I just have the wounded look-- you know, the kind the guys like to pounce on, because it shows that a girl is vulnerable. Either way.. it's flattering I guess, but very unwelcome.

I met some cool people tonight. I went to Village Inn to talk to Mike about being re-hired in June (to work one night a week whilst I'm in school) but he wasn't there. Sara had just gotten cut from the floor and told me she'd be off soon-- but that lagged into hours. It wasn't awful, though. I met her friend Brian (a cook at VI) that she talks about so much (he wasn't the one I was giving the vibe to, he's gay) and a guy named David (also goes by Bradley, his middle name), who apparently went to Godby. Nice guy, but.. Republican.. and again, not into the dating thing right now. He complimented my eyes something like four times. Nice to know that they are "beautiful, mesmerizing" and a few other choice words. Originally he was going to come hang out with Sara Brian and I, but then declined-- which I found odd, because I thought after the mesmerizingness he'd surely be looking for a way into my pants. So either I'm not as intuitive as I thought, or he was a gentleman. I also was told (by Sara) that a server named Heather (lesbian) thought I was hot. Again, flattering, but when I said I was done with men for awhile, I didn't mean that I was switching to the other side ;)

I miss Rob. I think today is the first day I haven't sobbed uncontrollably about it.

P.S. Gaim reminds me of Rob. I'm going to switch back to regular AIM, I think.
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