Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I HATE that I screwed up my credit so much. My account with CitiBank has been in collections for over a year, apparently, and I would owe them $1600 at this point.

Talked to the collections people a few days ago, they said I would only have to pay 1,003 if I paid in the next few days. I said I'd talk to my parents.

Talked to parents. Unwilling to lend me the money (which I would pay them back, instead of the insane interest) which makes sense, considering that I was the one who screwed up my credit, and it wasn't their fault.

Talked to collections again. They are willing to let me pay two lump sums of $502 within 2 months. This is doubly nice because my interest is compounded quarterly, and by doing it in two lumps instad of the $390 for 3 months that was also offered to me, I don't have to pay extra interest.

This still really sucks. Charging $600 two years ago = huge mistake. I guess I was a normal case, though. Kid turns 18, gets a card, screws up their credit. I just wish it didn't have to backfire.

I feel like I'm sinking lower and lower in the credit world. I want to have a bank account again-- I wish I had known that leaving it negative for 60 days while using Rob's account would forceclose my account. Now its all in the rough, because even though I signed the back of my KForce check, it was rejected by Bank of America, and is now being sent back to me. I want to have my credit card paid off. I want to have good credit so I don't have to worry about things like this! While I'm at it, I want to have millions of dollars so I don't have to charge things, and I don't have to work, and Rob and I can go camping, frolicking, and travelling, and ...

Back to reality. Today was spent entirely too much on the phone with different places where I hold or hope to hold accounts. Too much talk about money and credit. I think I'm going to read the beginning of Handmaid's tale, finish getting dressed, pick up Rob from work, and cry for awhile. And then probably make dinner.

I hate complications!!! I realize that things being complicated is what makes life worth living, but sometimes I wish everything were simpler. People talk about the good old days with respect and admiration, and I often scoff at those people, realizing that the good old days were also filled with corrupt justice systems, lack of respect for women, ignorance, and racism. I'm not saying that at this point I would trade my life now, for anything, but imagine a life where everyone pitched in, and you couldn't spend money that you didn't have, and money was no object. You wanted a house, you built it. No mortgage, no credit, no fifteen middlemen...

Shannon-- I IMed you and called you. No answer either place. I have your money!! When can I bring it to you?
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