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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

huh. happy or sad or existential crisis

I was taking an online survey that asked me, "Are the clothes that you wear that others see more expressive of who you are, or the clothes that (most) others don't see?" (I took the second part to be undergarments / bed clothes).

And it made me think - my clothes don't ever really express my personality? I choose clothing based on "I look really pretty in this" or "this makes me look skinny" or "this will be comfy to sleep in" but never really anything specifically about self expression.

My work clothes don't really express me, other than "she likes polka dots" or that I dress in business-like attire. I wear clothing that fits well, has colors that complement my hair color and skin tone, and clothes that are nice for work.

I'm not rich enough to have clothing made that makes me look like a butterfly (if I thought I was a butterfly, and I don't)

I realized, many people -- more easily men -- wear t-shirts for self expression. Sometimes as an undershirt (where women, because of the fit of the clothes, generally don't wear anything but plain) in a more professional environment. And sometimes as casual wear.

I rarely wear t-shirts at all -- I'm usually in work/nice clothes or sleeping. But even my t-shirts that I do own aren't about a fandom or a joke or a cause. They're plain or patterned, or occasionally have a print (for instance, I own this shirt).

I used to, though. I used to have SCL/Latin shirts, Harry Potter shirts, a few band shirts. A family shirt, a Harvard shirt, shirts from activities I was involved in. Also things I found funny or expressive or things I liked. But why not anymore? My list of excuses: I'm not really in the SCL/Latin scene anymore, which means I don't have opportunity to wear or ability to purchase such things. I'm not obsessive about Harry Potter anymore. I don't like / don't listen to those bands anymore. I wear my family shirt only very occasionally, when with entire family. I did not attend and never will attend Harvard. People also wear shirts for the schools they attend. I don't attend school.

I guess I have a 2015 Kirkwood Spring Fling shirt? I wore it at the 2015 Kirkwood Spring Fling.


T-shirts of yore:


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