January 21st, 2010


(no subject)

My arm hurts from the tetanus shot. Think about how much shots suck. Then add on the next-day pain from the tetanus shots. Then think about my upper-arms. I've told almost every single one of you that I've met in person not to touch me there, because I bruise like a peach.

I'm still in pain from the burn, too. The first degree areas are light pink and swollen and hurt when touched. Not that I'm feeling them up-- think shower, pillow, etc. The blisters hurt constantly, touched or not. One of them broke this morning. It's really disgusting and gross.

I'm still on percocet, but I'm going to try for extra strength tylenol next time. I don't want to be any more drugged than I need to be.

This is so frustrating that all this happened in a split second.

And I have an exam on Friday.