July 15th, 2009


Random procrastination, short sentences, simple syntax. What, I'm tired.

I should be studying for my Critical Theory exam tomorrow, but instead I'm at Strozier playing on the computer. It's nice to have a keyboard in which the "a" key is working.

The exam shouldn't be too bad. New Criticism, Structuralism, Deconstruction, and Feminism. I'll re-read the chapters tonight, look over my notes, and maybe make some flash cards. I'll probably do okay on the exam. I just "get" this stuff. This is probably because I am awesome.

I am going to have to learn my way around campus better. While at FSU, I've had all my classes in the same building (except one, which was right next door). They've also been at night (when you can park wherever) or one after the other, so I only walk to class and back. Today, however, in my two-hour break, I explored. And I may have gotten a tiny bit lost, but that's okay. I wish I was better with directions.

For the fall I have my Adv non-fiction workshop, a speech class (hoping Sara can get into the same one), two Latin class (I intend to drop one), and a Major Figures in Lit class (I don't know what major figures yet, I will e-mail the prof today to find out). I haven't signed up for Sociology or Psychology classes yet because I still need to take the CLEP. Probably Friday morning, depending how much homework I get done Thursday night. I don't want to have to think about homework while in Orlando with Ilan this weekend. (:):):):):):))

The laptop keyboard that DELL promised would be here yesterday at the latest was not. I called them again, apparently it was backlogged. They expedited it. Which they said they did last time too. Hopefully it actually comes. They said tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. We'll see.

I have been getting lots of packages lately. A present, my hair stuff, more hair stuff, some things from Amazon. I also sent a few. I sold some textbooks on Amazon, and I sent Kalina some presents (Matthew, look for them in five-ish days).

I am exhausted. I drank caffeine in the hopes of waking me up. In about thirty minutes I will probably be jumping. I drank a whole twelve oz. of diet coke. That's more caffeine than I've had in a year.

I need a Marc with a C T-shirt. He sold some at Nerdapalooza. He said he'd put the rest online. This is necessary.

Everyone is pregnant or trying to get pregnant or otherwise has baby-fever. You kids are crazy. I am so not ready to have children. Ask me in 2015. Yeow, remember when 2015 was a long time away?

I ate a hotdog today. It was delicious in that very gross sort of way.