February 20th, 2009


23 things about me that start with M

If you've already read this on facebook, ignore this post :)

1) Mobile Uploads: Even though I carry a camera with me almost daily, I hate that I would have to get home in order to publish the pictures to facebook or livejournal. For this reason, I often use my camera phone, and instantaneously put pictures online as soon as they happen.

2) Meliorism: I am a Meliorist, one who believes that humans can make the world a better place through doing things -- technology, medicine, etc. This is the foundation of liberal democracy.

3) Media: Gosh, that liberal media! My family tends to have careers in communications and journalism, and I love that. I also love listening to news and determining what is objective and what is subjective. I also maybe sort of have an addiction to celebrity gossip.

4) Mammograms: I am all about health, and specifically about women's health. I think it's very important for people to have "wellness" sorts of check-ups to ensure they remain healthy. Because breast cancer is in my family history, I will probably start having mammograms earlier than most.

5) Melissa (name): I tend to write my name fairly often. With my right hand, with my left hand, upside down, backwards, using Greek letters, in Hebrew, in bubble letters, so that it's the same right side up and upside down...

6) Melissa (me): I'm a narcissist. If you don't think I am, you are reading the wrong note.

7) Music: I grew up around music. At three I started piano lessons, and can still name any note when I hear it. I quit around 10 because I was tired of practicing, tired of Vivi being better than me, and didn't want to have to cut my nails (Vivi quit because our teacher didn't like the clicky sound her nails made). At ten I started playing flute and piccolo, and still pick them up occasionally. I also played violin for a summer (before I got bored) and am currently dabbling in guitar.

8) Men: I love men. I particularly love that time in my life when I break up with someone and get to have a smorgasboard of flirtation. At this point, I probably get a little bit boy crazy. I love beginning flirtations, and I love being in relationships, but I hate that in-between part. First dates. Blech.

9) Making up new names for people: I don't do this as often anymore, but I used to give people new names all the time. Perhaps because I had at least 10 friends named Matt? I've named many people many things to keep them straight in my head, so much so that sometimes I forget what their real name is.

10) Memorization: I tend to accidentally memorize things at times. Phone numbers, in particular (562-7754 ;)) and recently social security numbers, birthdates, and salaries, since that is what I deal with daily (I work in HR). I also used to memorize History Fair performances, lines and songs in musicals, and Latin "Dramatic Interpretations" for contests.

11) Mythology: I can spout off random facts and stories about many different kinds of mythology-- Greco-Roman, Norse, Judeo-Christian. I love learning about the religions and customs of other people's lives, especially from the ancient times.

12) Mommy: I love my mommy! Many people go through the phase where they hate their parents, but for me, if it happened, it was only for a moment. My mommy and I are a lot alike, and I hope to grow up as fabulously as she did. My mommy is also one of the best mommies as evidenced by many of my friends in high school practically adopting her because she's such a good mommy :)

13) Marriage (general): Let gay people do it. It won't hurt you.

13) Marriage (me): I'm not ready yet. And no, it's not what I want right now. I want to be in a place where I am happy, stable, less selfish, and more mature. I am happy for all my friends who have gotten married recently or are getting married soon, but I'm not jealous-- I'm not ready, and I am ready to do things like finish school, have a career, and be financially secure before I take such a huge step.

14) Maturity: I am both five and fifty at the same time. I enjoy getting my way, coloring, wearing headbands, and being cutesy. I also love contributing to my 401(k), paying bills, especially my mortgage, and being a responsible and upstanding member of society.

15) Manners: When I was growing up, we ate dinner together every night no matter what. Some of my best childhood memories come from around the dinner table, in the many games we used to amuse ourselves. One game, "Pig" consisted of spying on everyone at the table to see who was going to chew with their mouth open or put their elbows on the table. When one is spotted doing this, you scream out "PIG!" and then they are in possession of the pig, generally a salt shaker or other small object from the table. After that person is the "Pig" they will of course watch the table with a rueful eye to see who might be breaking some manner laws.

16) Manipulation: It's true, I am quite good at getting my way. Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" hit me pretty hard, and one of the major things I took from it was how to make people believe that they want something. Deborah even has taken lessons from me on how to get what she wants, and she's getting quite good.

17) Magic: I remember my first magic show from when I was eleven. I was Vivi's apprentice. We had many many tricks, like having the audience color in a coloring book, making three ropes of different sizes into the same size, something about a card in an orange, and a ton of card tricks. I don't do magic shows anymore, but I do occasionally work as a clown.

18) Minestrone Soup: Firstly, soup. Love it. Second, vegetables. Love em. Nothing wrong with that. Make it healthy? I am so right there. Love Minestrone soup.

19) Marching Band: I was in marching band all through high school, and absolutely loved it. I made some great friends and had insanely rock hard calf muscles. I played flute my first two years on the field, and then switched to be the piccolo player. My instrument was super tiny and super loud. How do you tune two piccolos? ... Shoot one.

20) Making Bad Jokes: See Above.

21) Mary Anne Spier: My favorite of the babysitters from the Babysitters Club series. I have each of the 150+ book sin this series practically memorized. I was pretty much obsessed with them from the ages 9 - ... 24. Just kidding. I haven't read one in years, and I miss it!

22) Martyrdom: I am a "look-at-me" martyr, which is in fact not a martyr at all. Someday I will have to be a better martyr, though, because I will be a Jewish Mother.

23) Memoirs: I love anything by David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs, and would give anything to be like them (yes, I am a gay man in a woman's body). I took a "Creative Non-Fiction" class last fall where I wrote a couple memoirs. I love writing about myself... which is why this is my third time doing this meme.