February 2nd, 2009


Phone saga

So you guys remember the crazy saga with my phone, right?

Well, they finally admitted the Voyager had a problem, came out with the software. Never bothered to tell me of course. I got it updated last Wednesday.

But now I really want a BlackBerry. Vivi has one, Deborah has one, and now it's my turn. With me hanging out at the Verizon store, and both my sisters getting new BlackBerries (BlackBerries?) I've realized how much I want a more capable phone.

I called Verizon and cried/complained and they finally changed my contract date, which someone messed up when they gave me a new phone in June-- it was a manufacturer defect, so they should have never reset my date. But now it is fixed. Too bad my phone is still sucktard, but at least it doesn't turn off for fun now.

Anyway, for a fairly low cost I can upgrade my phone now. What do I want?

Blackberry Pearl (pink, duh) - the guy said this might not be good for me since I tend to take a lot of pictures and send a lot of text messages. The memory is not quite as high as the others

Blackberry Curve (pink, duh) - Nice, slightly bulkier, possibly about to be retired? If there's a new phone coming out soon I don't want to have an older phone

BlackBerry WorldPhone No camera. DENIED

Blackberry Storm - I love this phone, but wish it would open to have a REAL keyboard. I think I need a real keyboard.

BarackBerry - In a heartbeat, though only like 100 are being released :-P

Any blackberry owners should totally weigh in. I'm waiting for you lasunshine!

(no subject)

My phone did the shut off thing again today. I was at Publix, talking to Sara, and my phone restarted. For fun.

I called Verizon again, and not only do I get the discount they were going to give me before, now I am eligible for the New Every Two, which means I get $100 off another phone. This mostly subsided my self righteous anger.

So now I just need to decide which phone. Right now I am lodged pretty heavily between the pink curve 8330, the storm, and waiting a few months to see what comes out.

At Publix, I decided to buy blackberries. I also got ingredients to make crepes. So, if not a Blackberry Storm, a Blackberry Curve, or a Blackberry Pearl, at least I will have a Blackberry Crepe.

Famous days.

Today is Groundhog Day! ("and it's cooooold outside!" "it's cold outside every day")

Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, so we will have six more weeks of winter.

Also, tomorrow is The Day The Music Died, 50 years ago.