May 28th, 2008


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My baby sister leaves in 13 days for her last summer at Camp Ramah Darom, this time for two months. I can't go during "family weekend" or "alumni weekend" but Vivi and I intend to crash camp for a day if we can.

Hard to believe that Debbie's going to be gone for so long. She's just such a grown up now, and it's going to suck not having her here to go shopping with, and I won't be able to just drag her anywhere.

My job this summer is to get her a car. I mean, to convince my parents to let her. I think it'll be alright. She goes to school far away and has tons of extra curriculars and is always begging for rides to the mall... I think my parents will get her a car out of convenience for themselves.

When Debbie comes back she'll be 16.
Yeow. I feel nostalgic, and old.

Late 94/Early 95 (with Erin and Sarah George)

Passover 2008