May 7th, 2008

dem donkey

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Hillary says she's staying in the race. I think this is an ill move in the world of politics, but it's not entirely her fault that I'm so annoyed by this. It's also really bothersome to me that the Superdelegates won't choose their candidates and choose a candidate to compete for the Democratic party. The level of frustration is high for two reasons:

The first one is lesser, but by no means unimportant:
  • The Super delegates are likely to lean with the majority, giving Obama victory! And you guys know how much I love and respect that man.
The second one is huge, and it's not only frustrating but embarrassing:
  • By continuing to have Hillary and Obama compete against each other, we are dividing ourselves. Republicans will find us in a much more conquerable state if we've already split ourselves as a party. By smearing the personal attributes of our candidates, we are giving McCain fuel to burn whichever candidate is ultimately decided upon by the Democratic party. The issues will seem to matter less, because everything that is heard about the Democrats is in the form of a personal attack. We won't have a chance to repair the world if we cannot behave civilly and in the interest of the causes we claim to hold so dear. At this point I see NO reason to wait for the convention, and hate to see a political platform that claims it longs for peace on earth being so hostile and caustic.