January 31st, 2008


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I had a very adult moment for about five minutes earlier when I thought I was going to have to *pay* taxes. I promise its amusing if you listen to my voice post.

I'm finally done with my return. It was everything I thought it would be.*

I have no homework this week in English. I am going to try to finish my History quizzes and exams completely. It's an online class, and I can, and I don't have 12 hours of English busy-work to do. So yeah.

I made a friend in my English class. He has Debbie Robinson as his prof for Constitution. This amuses me.

I'm taking a CLEP on Friday.

I'm still ridiculously happy.

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I love Alan Rickman:

Entertainment Weekly: Okay, I think your wranglers are giving me the signal, but I have to say, even before I got to the end of the Harry Potter books —
Rickman: Before you go any further, I never, ever talk about that character. Number one, because it's not fair on kids who haven't read to the end. And for me to say anything — there's a bit of it that just should be left innocent. It's real storytelling, what she's done, and I'm part of that. So I just never talk about it.