January 29th, 2008


the diary of a sick girl

I really want to go back to work tomorrow. I am done being sick.

Andy's birthday celebrations are tonight.

I was thisclose to taking the math CLEP exam I've been putting off for almost a year now.

I messed around with my backyard today:
  • I killed an ant hill. Oooh productive.
  • I tried really hard to discourage my dogs from digging right around my lit walkway. They've been screwing it up. I think pine straw is a good deterrent.
  • I found the cover for my doggy door. I am giving Jack and Padfoot a curfew, because I'm tired of waking up randomly when they decide they absolutely must go outside and bark (and I bet my neighbors are tired of it too)
  • I got rid of the ugly brown sofa from my porch. I think I'll put the wooden bench back out there, and maybe a small table.