January 27th, 2008


Snake? What snake?

I had two different people (Brian, Tommy) spend over an hour and a half combined in my fairly small attic.

There may have been a snake there, once upon a time. Maybe. Or its possible that Comcast guy is afraid of pinecones. Or that he just didn't feel like installing cable. Whether there may or may not have been a snake up there or not, apparently it's gone now, and I'm only slightly more scared of going into my attic in general.

If I start hearing "Rip... Tear.. Killl" through my walls, I'll let you know. Luckily I know the parseltongue for "open up."

This guy pisses me off

Remember this guy? I got a myspace message from him today (we are not not not friends).

Jan 27, 2008 8:11 PM
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you look pretty

How do you suppoort Barack Obama with all the scientific evidence that blacks have significantly lower IQs? Black IQ is approximately 20 points lowere then whites, and 30 point lower then Asians and JEws

(there is so much online about this, just google Black IQs, or real "the bell curve" if you dont belive me)

you do look pretty by the way, lost some weight. I hope eveything is well. My dad is getting a bit better. We went to temple today


-- Apparently his white Jewish IQ isn't good enough to use correct grammar or spelling.

-- I really want to punch this guy.

-- I've gained weight (since last January when we last talked, see link). HA.