January 26th, 2008


Badger badger mushroom mushroom..... Oh look a snaaaake snaaaake snaaaaaake.

I just had Comcast come out to my house to install a cable outlet. The guy says he needs to go through my attic to do it, so he goes up to have a look around, comes right back down. He says he's not installing any cable today, that apparently there's a snake in my attic.

So, yeah. Wow.

I called Critter Getter, and it's $125 for them to just come out and "assess" the situation on a weekday, would be more for that just for the assessment on a weekend, and then $$ on top of that for the removal. I also called the people that Capelouto recommended to me, but they haven't called back yet.

I really want to get rid of this thing as soon as possible.

Does anyone know of a good service to get rid of snakes? Or is anyone awesomely manly and strong enough to come stare at it with laser vision and/or otherwise get rid of it? I'm more than willing to negotiate a nice payment...