January 25th, 2008


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I'm feeling somewhat better. My fever has still been hovering around the 100~101 range, which sounds bad, but after the few days I've had, it's really not. I'll take a fever over fever+throwing up ANYDAY.

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I was semi-productive today.

I slept, I drank liquids, I ate solid foods, and I cleaned.

Two dogs leave my house dusty and covered in dog hair, so I tackled it all. Everything is shiny and clean enough to eat off of.

I can't find the third cable outlet Comcast claims I have. There's one in my living room, one in my guest bedroom, and none anywhere else. They are going to put one in my bedroom in a few days. It sucked being sick and not wanting to move, and being too tired to even turn pages in my book. Seriously. I could have used some nonsense TV.

I'm doing well in my classes. I got a 98 on my first history test. woo.