November 14th, 2007



I still feel like crap. Moreso, actually, because I was around crazy amounts of cigarette smoke last night, and I stayed out too late-- I didn't get home till almost 1 am. That combined with waking up at 6 just blows.

But, we had a good time. I saw Charles and Mary (from high school/Magnolia School) and then I saw Jon as he leaving, which was a little weird.

Nose piercings didn't happen because apparently this city shuts down way early on Tuesdays. We're going to try to still go today before Sam leaves.

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Me and the birthday girl, Sam

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absofuckinglutely by lvlwing

Mr. Big hates Republicans, becomes even hotter...

Mr. Big icon trumps Democrat icon so we have two chances to check out the hotness.

“I don’t think there’s one Republican I’d ever vote for. In terms of their corruption and their insensitivity to what’s really needed in our society, they’re repugnant. There may be a few good ones out there, but I haven’t read of any. Wait, there’s more. Whenever you bring up the issue [of global warming] with them, they’re like, ‘Let’s wait and see what the facts are.’ If we’re going to drill for oil, we should get on Crawford [Bush’s ranch in Texas] and put some oil wells there! I think this administration has been probably the biggest tragedy in the history of the United States.”

– Sex and the City hunk Chris Noth offers up his views on the upcoming presidential election