October 30th, 2007


Points of interest

  • Ron tboneblue stole the word boobtastic from me. Yes, its a great word. So is assmar (baldghoti!). This does not mean that people are allowed to be yanking my phrases!
  • Cabin is set for the mountains for my birthday. Sorry guys, I'm spending this one with my family. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially Matthew tevarin who I haven't seen since April! Friend partying will be done either the weekend before or the weekend after. I've not yet decided.
  • I stole "I've" in this sense from Davin. Most people don't use the contraction form of "I have" in this manner.
  • griping about class till I realized I wanted to leave this public
  • I'm going to a big diabetes thing November 8th. Partially because I get extra credit, but mostly because it's at BL Perry Library during tutoring hours. I want to see Alden and my kids in LVLC!
  • I guess you guys liked my pictures, huh. Thanks everyone :)
  • I am not allowed to wear cat ears tomorrow to work. I shall wear them to class. Learning about the powers of the judicial branch is scary, swear.