October 21st, 2007


My baby sister is learning to drive

So far she hasn't hit any old people. I told her it wasn't worth it since they aren't worth very many points. We also contemplated the philosophy of whether it's better to hit a man or a dog. That's a toughie.

She's making right hand and left hand turns, doesn't freak out when there are cars coming in the other direction, but also has only driven in my parents neighborhood where we were out for over an hour and maybe saw five cars the whole time.

Next week I have permission to take her out driving in my parents neighborhood. She's staying at my house for the week that the 'rents are gone on their cruise.


Plans are coming along for the Thanksgiving excursion. We may very well be staying at pandora48sch's grandparents mountain house, WHICH my siblings would know if they EVER ANSWERED THEIR PHONES. Anyway, it'll fit all of us nicely and is gorgeous :)