October 15th, 2007

repubs are people

link from kolibri

Anyone that liked Ann Coulter or respected her opinions, I really hope that you don't anymore. This is a perfect example of her ignorance and idiocy. Ugh. I really really really really hate her.

Submitter decided Democrat icon tops Jew icon to show disgust from a larger population.
come out

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Sometimes I wish I was gay so that I could use fun icons like these. I'm a gay rights advocate, but there's a lack of cool icons for me. I have a button on my camera bag that says "Straight but not Narrow" that I really love, I got it from that lesbian book store next to Body Tech.

This whole search started because I'm looking for some Jewish Democrat icons. Anyone know where I could find some? Or, anyone want to make me an icon of a donkey wearing a kippah?