October 8th, 2007


Sara's married!

- My feet hurt like mad.
- I will have glitter on me for at least a month
- I am exhausted.
- The wedding was absolutely beautiful.
- I'm not going to post any more pictures for now, Sara hasn't seem them yet.

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Today's xkcd amuses me, but I'd never specifically try to do that. Probably in fear of semi-intelligent people (the ones who know that there is a difference between affects and effects) thinking I'm not grammatically correct.

So, I won a cruise.

I don't want it, and it's fully transferrable. Yes, I'm giving it away.

It's a cruise to the Bahamas for two people, 4 days, 3 nights. You cruise to the Bahamas (6 hrs), they put you up in a hotel for 3 nights, and cruise back. All meals and entertainment on the ship are free.

You can leave any M/W/F from Ft. Lauderdale. There are no blackout dates.

There's a $77.50 administration fee for each person, and $99 in port taxes.
(It's about $100 cheaper per person than if you had bought the same cruise, from what I can tell after looking for cruises this past year)

Basically, they're getting rid of the excess rooms on the ship that didn't sell for the regular price. They might as well make *some* money and assume you'll spend money on alcohol in the lounge, or in gift shops, or whatever. There's no timeshare presentation or any of that.

You can listen to the recorded shpiel about the cruise at 727-450-6139. It basically covers everything I just wrote above.

If you want the confirmation number, comment. First come first serve.