October 7th, 2007

sara and melissa hp

she's getting married in the mooooornin. ding dong the bells are gonna chime!

At 12 am, armed with freshly bought supplies, we made:
A bridal bouquet (By Sara)
three boutonnières
two bridesmaid bouquets
a garter (specifically done by Sam)
wrapped bubble packages in tulle and ribbon (done by Melissa)

We also:
Delegated the archway to someone NOT in the wedding party (thanks, dad)
Tested Sara's hair and makeup for tomorrow
Packed everything up and made lists
Saw just how boobtastic I am going to be tomorrow in my bridesmaids dress

Earlier today we worked out entire rehearsal issues, picked out some music for the aisle march (Except Sara's), totally came up with a new way to use the area for the wedding, figured out a way to get chairs to the wedding, the cake to the wedding, and people without cars to the wedding.

This whole experience has taught me: a) take longer than a month to plan my wedding, b) do it somewhere where there are already chairs/aisle (hello, synagogue).

Its 4 am and I'm going to bed.