September 27th, 2007


sketchy fun

The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a sketch of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

A post for negativeneve

Image Stacy!
No, it's not Stacy's birthday.
It's not her wedding day.
It's not the birth of her beautiful son Ben.
It's not because she's so special that she didn't get a generic birthday post (and, erm, sorry to those who did, i.e., the rest of you)

This is a post for Stacy "just cause"

We know that her mom has it going on, but did you guys know that Stacy has it going on too? From brilliant retorts to Obama love to fantastic advice from all sides, Stacy is fantastic.

Too bad she's married. I'd totally tap that.



This aft

After work I stopped by my parents house. Truth is, they have food and I don't. I could have food if I wanted it, but I'd rather live a life of luxury in my retirement instead (read: huge chunk of paycheck going to 401(k)).

But I digress. I get home, I say hi to my dad, who is on his computer in his study. I walk back to the kitchen, look around, and then look up, and Leon is there. Leon is one of my parents best friends, and he's apparently in town for the week to visit (he and his wife Dena moved to New York about two years ago). Their daughter and her family live here, but their house just had a fire, so he's staying with my parents. Apparently. No one tells me anything.

I also finally found out today that my parents decided NOT to go to the Passion Flower conference. Way to tell me early, huh. Not that I don't have a busy weekend regardless. Tomorrow, dress shopping for Sara (and me and Sam if we have time). We didn't really find anything tonight. A couple shirts and a couple skirts at Dillards but not weddingy enough. At Ross I found a great shirt with the oddest hugest pocket, and a grey skirt, because apparently I don't have enough already. NOTHING at Ross for Sara. Like, nothing. So tomorrow, the other mall and some bridal shops. And then newscane is coming into town, so I want to hang out with him. And Jen is out of town, so Bobby and I can have a nice chunk of quality time. And then there's a barbeque my presence is requested at. Oh, and Dillards is closing so I'm going back soon to take advantage of their huge sales (what, it's more important than food; lay off).

Grey's Anatomy was Collapse )

After a few days (a week?) of funk I'm feeling a bit better about life. Things at work got much better today and I'm very glad, I realized how stressing it had been. Issues solved themselves and I'm glad to have not had to step in.