September 22nd, 2007


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I only have a minute, as I'm about to go to Snookers to hang out with Sara et al., including her little brother Ben, who I haven't seen in five years. This should be interesting.

I had to come home so I could feed my Padfoot and break his fast--which to be fair has only been going on since 9 am, but still. I wonder if when he turns 13 I'll make him fast the full 25 hours. Or by then, maybe he'll be elderly and not needing to fast because of health issues. Are there rules on what animals can do on Yom Kippur? "No, Padfoot, no humping!"

I had a fairly easy fast. The Neilah service was quite hard on me though, between constantly standing and not eating for the past day. Eventually we got to eat and all was well. Orange Juice never tasted so good.

My 10 year Bat Mitzvah anniversary is on 28 Cheshvan, also known [this year]as November 9. I think I'll do my maftir and perhaps lead the service. I can't believe it's been ten years!


I forgot to post about this earlier, but it was one of the weirdest events to happen to me recently.

jmcptbackfire called me last night around 4 am. He's fine, I'm fine, we haven't seen each other in about three years, and he had seen me post my number and then he decided to call. Drunk dialing anyone? I miss the days of going to visit Jonathan at CCG. And him leaving a smoothie and flowers for me outside my door :(

Anyway, I'll mention again that I have no issues with people calling me whenever. If I'm asleep or otherwise unable to answer the phone, I just won't. So call me whenever. Am I odd because i'm not put off my 4 am phone calls?