August 7th, 2007


the last enemy we have to overcome is ourselves

Do you guys have those friends where there's always something wrong? The hypochondriac? The complainer? The one who can't get their life on track?

It's annoyingly frustrating to first get annoyed by these people, and then to realize you're complaining about them. My foot hurts and I can't take Hebrew this spring, either.

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Last year at this time, everything was so balanced. I had finally gotten over the stress of ending Americorps, finding a job, and finding an apartment. I had friends who stuck by me through thick, thin, and dropping Ron's stuff off at his apartment.

This year, I'm balanced in a different way. I own my own home, have a stable job, and am back in school. I have incredible friends who stick by me, and I've learned a lot about myself with regard to friendship. How I am as a friend. What sort of person I make friends with easily. Those who I don't make friends with easily. Those who I feel the need to help. Those who I want to be helped by.

Terms of friendships and relationships have gotten muddier. I'm more focused on what I want and what I need for myself than for others. I'm not sure if this is selfishness (connotation: bad) or looking out for number one (connotation: good). Absolute terms have gone wayward and now have lost meaning.

Am I happier now? probably. Wiser? surely.

Less inclined to be an optimist? unfortunately so.