August 6th, 2007


Scarlet Pimpernel

So, the play was fantastic. I always love looking through the programs because I know so many people, even after not acting the past... gosh, EIGHT years.

The first name I recognized was Jack Peacock, a guy who has been in so many QMT productions I'm quite amazed that we've never been in one together. And then I recognized the guy who played Lumiere in QMT's Beauty and the Beast. And then the girl who played Gertrude in Seussical at TLT, and then a few other names. I still wonder about a couple, who looked/sounded familiar but I couldn't place.

But back to the play itself. Good acting. Great singing. LOVE the guy who played Percy. He was fantastical. Marguerite and Chauvelin were also really good choices. Mostly good soundtrack in general... I thought the wedding song was unnecessary and stupid, but everything has their flaws.

The play was extended another weekend, so go see it! I think they have tickets left for all the performances (Friday at 8, Saturday at 2, Saturday at 8, Sunday at 2).

OH! and FSU is putting on INTO THE WOODS in October. I watched it last night to get in the mood. I'm really. really. really. really. really. excited to see a live version. Although, comparatively I'm prepared for it to suck.

I miss acting :(

four. oh. wunk.

I am super excited about investing into my 401k. We just finished our meeting and I'm glowing all over.

I'm young and it's time to get started early. I heart my job and their huge percent contribution with no cap* Oh baby baby!

I'm going to invest internationally, and then specifically with technology. And then also do a boring half-stocks-half-bonds for part of it, because it's pretty much guaranteed. I don't want all my $$ in the same place. And I will NOT invest in anything that could possibly put my money into The Place Which Will Not Be Named.

Considering the match that my job does (50% what what), and that after Americorps I still feel like I'm rollin' in the dough (read: frugal) I think I'm going to invest quite a bit. I can always lower it, but can't 'up' it except for every quarter.

*Not that I can afford up to the governmental cap anyway.

me and you baby ain't nothin but mammals so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel

Animals I do not eat by kosher law:
  • meat + milk [product] together
  • mammals that do not chew their cud + do not have hooved feet (examples: pig, dog)
  • birds of prey
  • any animal from the ocean that does not have scales (examples: lobster, shrimp, squid)

Animals I do not eat by my own personal choice:
  • red meat (beef, lamb, etc)
  • grouper (currently being overfished)

There are very few non-animal foods that I won't eat. I pretty much like all veggies/veggie products/fruit etc.

However, there are a few I simply dislike:
  • lima beans/kidney beans because of "mealy" texture
  • grainy tomatoes. same reason.
  • bananas-- too mushy

What do you not eat? Why?
papa bear

La Familia! I mean... Ze mishpocha!

My adopted-second-cousin Rose and her mommy Sue Ellen (who I haven't met before) are about fifteen minutes away from Tallahassee. I'm taking them to The Main Ingredient at 2:30 :)

(icon from the airport the day I met Rose, when she came in for Deborah's Bat Mitzvah)