July 29th, 2007


Hippie or geek?

Melissa gets large amounts of geek points for SCL, and Potter-mania. Hippie points for bouncing around different colleges and majors, and for Ameri-Corps volunteer work. Inherent geek points for working at [job] are countered by the fact that it's a job that requires human contact.

Overall I think SCL and Potter put her solidly on the geek side

-- Matthew (from this thread).


Gosh, I used to leave for work this early

I just got home and it's 6:32 am. And the sun is already rising.

I spent a good twelve hours with my boy Brian at his going away party. I still can't factor in that he's leaving. I'm really going to miss him :(

Got in some good talks with others too. Things that were confused or confusing were straightened out.

I did lose my gaydar, with the boy that Brian is seeing. I'm pretty unhappy about that. Even when we were singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang songs together, I wouldn't have known unless I had already known. Back to six senses for me (I still have intuition).

I think the most common words of the night were "Would you please be so kind as to wait until I am finished speaking?" except not ever in such nice words.

I maintain that jager is gross.